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Thursday, June 22

Ask Us! What Do You Want to Know About Indie and Self Publishing?

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Part of the Indie Author Series

With Angela exploring the wilds of Scotland for her next book (lucky gal), I figured this was a good time to see if you guys had any indie or self publishing questions for the faculty. There are more than 160 indie pub articles on the site now, but I'm sure there are things we haven't yet covered, or topics you guys want to hear more about.

What do you want to know about indie and self publishing? 

Here's a quick round up of topics we've done so far:

All indie author articles

Articles on distribution
Articles on audio books
Articles on pre-orders
Articles on creating box sets
Articles on getting your books into libraries   

Marketing and Promotion
Articles on marketing
Articles on social media
Articles on newsletters
Articles on mailing lists
Articles on swag
Articles on getting book reviews
Articles on podcasts 
Articles on backmatter 

The Business Side
Articles on creating a business plan
Articles on tracking sales
Articles on renting or sharing office space
Articles on using pen names and pseudonyms
Articles on being an organized writer
Articles on pricing 

Readers, Audiences, and Markets
Articles on finding your audience
Articles on writing to market
Articles on reader retention

Book and Career Launches
Articles on relaunching a career
Articles on book launches

Design and Formatting
Articles on book design
Articles on cover design
Articles on ebook formatting
Articles on redirects 

Venues and Services
Articles on Kindle Unlimited
Articles on Pronoun
Articles on Patreon 
Articles on Instafreebie
Articles on Kobo
Articles on KDP Select

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