When Janice was first developing her writing skills, she was often frustrated by books that told her what she should be doing, but didn't provide a clear picture on how to do it. Later when she began teaching writing, she decided to offer answers to those questions and discovered she had a bit of a knack for it. She gave lots of examples, because she felt seeing writing in action made it easier to understand. The responses from her students told her she was right. She started this site back in 2009 with one goal in mind:
To offer writers ways to build a solid foundation for their writing. To provide tips and advice they could take right from these articles and apply directly to their work in progress. She wouldn't just say "show, don't tell" -- she'd give clear examples and advice on how to do that.
Not everything suggested on this site is going to work for everyone, but that's just the way writing is. There is no "right" way to write, there's just finding the process that works for you. It's frustrating to be told "you must do this" when "doing that" is more your style.

This is why we bring guest authors to the site every week to talk about their process. To see how other writers do it so you can find the techniques that motivate and inspire you to craft the best stories possible.

Site Schedule

Monday: Writing Article: Janice Hardy shares general writing tips and advice. 

Tuesday: The How They Do It column. Visiting authors and publishing professionals share tips, advice, and wisdom. As an added twist--throughout the year we'll also hear from a writer "In the Trenches" and gain some insight from those still in the submission stage. It's far too easy for writers to feel alone during this tough stage of their careers, and these articles will show that they're not alone.

Wednesday: Writing Article: Janice Hardy shares general writing tips and advice.  

Thursday: Indie Authors column. Contributing authors share information and tips for those looking to self publish, covering a variety of topics from detailed how-tos to creating an e-book, to overviews on self publishing trends and philosophies.

Friday: Refresher Fridays. There are over 1500 solid writing articles on the site, and each week we'll rerun a helpful article from the archives you might have missed the first time around.

Saturday: Real Life Diagnostics. Part critique, part teach tool, Janice diagnoses reader submitted works in progress and answers questions pertaining to those works.

Sundays: Writing Prompts. Various prompts are offered to inspire and encourage you to write. Some are for the fun of it, while others are designed to build a skill or challenge you to push yourself.

Welcome to Fiction University.

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