Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How They Do It

How They Do It is a weekly column that invites guest authors, bloggers, and other industry professionals to share their writing process and tips. They discuss everything from how they write to how they use a specific technique like dialog or description, to outlining vs pantsing. Its purpose is to show that every writer writes differently, and there is no "right" way to write. There's just finding your way.

How They Do It articles run every Tuesday.

A Sampling of How They Do It Articles:

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Interested in being a guest author at Fiction University? Email me at janice (at) janicehardy (dot) com

Guest Post Details

Guest posts typically run 600-1000 words, plus author bio, links and book blurb (if applicable). Topics can include anything writing related, from tips on craft to dealing with writer issues, from publishing and marketing to social media and fitting writing time into your life. Guests don't need to be professionally published (though they usually are in some way) as long as they have helpful advice/experiences/wisdom about writing to share.

Suggestions for Topics 

This site is all about the How-To, so posts that dig into a technique or discuss how you handle it are well-received. What are you passionate about? What are you really good at? What struggles or tough aspect of writing have you overcome and how? What shows off an aspect of your book? (it's okay to promote as long as it's also helpful information to my readers). 

Guest articles are scheduled months in advance, and I'll always try to accommodate a release date when possible. I'm also happy to pencil in someone for a spot later in the year.