Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kick Start a Worthy Project

I mentioned recently my friend Dario Ciriello and our anthology, Eight Against Reality. Well, Dario has just become part of a neat program called Kickstarter, a site where folks with dreams can try to raise funding for their projects.

If you love stories, and want to help support someone trying to get more stories into the hands of readers, please take a peek. He's trying to raise enough to pay his writers more, and be able to market the Panverse anthologies so those authors get more exposure for their stories. (among other things)

Me, I've been donating my time to do the design work and layout for the anthologies and promo pieces, and doing what I can to help spread the word. I've said many a time here on the blog that one of the hardest parts of selling a book is getting folks to know you published it in the first place. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider helping Dario along on that and spread the word. Writers need all the avenues they can get to tell their tales.

Thanks guys.

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