Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Light My (Blue) Fire Contest

I know I was a little slow in this, but it's time for the Blue Fire ARC contest! The first of three shiny new copies of the next book in The Healing Wars trilogy is up for grabs! There are a few extra ways to earn points (and entries) this time around.

The rules are simple:

1. Just post a comment in the comments section. If you don't know what to say, tell me your favorite animal. Earn one point.

2. Link to this post about the contest. Earn one point.

3. Blog about the book. Earn one point. (blogging about it and linking to the contest gets you two points) You can also talk about The Shifter for this point, as long as you mention the next book as well. For example, a Shifter review or blurb or whatnot.

4. Mention the Kickstarter program to help out my friend, Dario Ciriello and his Panverse Publishing project (more on that tomorrow). Earn one point.

5. Mention Eight Against Reality and link to the site. Earn one point.

6. You get one entry for every point. I'll draw names next Friday, July 23rd and announce the winner that day.

7. Anyone can enter.

EDIT: If you recently blogged about Eight Against Reality for the last contest, I'll count that toward this contest. Just give me the link again in your comment. And commenting at all counts, even if you don't give a favorite animal, so no worries there.

And that's it!

One interesting thing, if you've ever been curious how much editing can be (and sometimes is) done after an ARC goes out, this is the book for you. We didn't fiddle with the story any, but the disclaimer "uncorrected proof" on the cover isn't kidding. I went through several more rounds of polishing since this ARC was printed. The text is a lot tighter in the final version. Could be fun to see the before and after from an editing study perspective.

Good luck, all!

The contest starts NOW!


  1. Favorite animal? Hm, er, hard one. Probably cat, but I'm also a fan of the more sociable wild animals, like foxes and squirrels. (My best friend does wildlife rescue.)

  2. My favorite animal is... a wolf. That's probably because there are lots of wolves in my WiP.

    I linked to the contest, talked about the book, mentioned the Kickstarter Program, and mentioned Eight Against Reality and linked to the site, all in a blog post here: http://www.hillsandcorkscrews.com/2010/07/win-arc-of-blue-fire-by-janice-hardy.html

    So that is 5 entries.

  3. Ooh, how exciting! I finally got to read The Pain Merchants three weeks ago, and I loved every minute of it. The first book I've read in a long time that wouldn't let me put it donw.

    I've blogged about the contest (linking to here) and talked about The Shifter and Blue Fire, also mentioned Kick Starter and Eight Against Reality.

    I also tweeted about it, but that wasn't a requirement. I just like tweeting :)

    I think that's maximum entries?

    My blog post is here:

  4. Sweet! A contest! I'd have to say my favorite animal is the one from the muppets, and I'll link my face book to here so if that's two points,great. if it isn't no problem, I'm just happy to see a contest here!

  5. Hmmm... favorite animal is a UNICORN!

    One entry. I'm cool like that.

  6. I've blogged about Shifter and linked to this post: http://joeicarus.blogspot.com/2010/07/blue-fire.html

    And my favorite animal is, um, the platypus. :)

  7. *gasp*
    I wants the book!

    I'm at work right now, but when I get off I'm doing all of the above - because really, Shifter was a delight to read and I'm very interested to see the differences between Arcs and the final product.


  8. Favorite animal? That's a tuffy. I used to work in the veterinary field... undecided. I love them all. :)

    I plan on doing all of the above, but I have one question. If we already did a blog post about 8AR for the previous contest, does that count? Or do we have to provide a new link?

    I've got THE SHIFTER on reserve at my library and will be reading it this week. I purposely held off reading it until we got closer to the release date of BLUE FIRE so I could mention it in the review. I *heart* these contests. So fun!

  9. My favorite animal is a poodle :) The only kind of dogs my mom would ever let us own, and I think they are so smart and fantastic. Though, I secretly wish my mom would let us get an otter. Talk about cute.

    Anywho, I commented, linked and blogged, and mentioned kickstarter and eight against reality.


    I can be reached at spiralbeauty@yahoo.com

  10. I'm so excited to read Blue Fire!

    +1 Favorite animal? OTTER! The website The Daily Otter makes my day.
    +1 Link on Twitter - http://twitter.com/donnagambale
    +2 Review of Shifter (From awhile back, admittedly, but my conclusion mentioned Blue Fire before Blue Fire even had a title, and it's newly linked to this post! Might not count, but I gave it a shot!)


  11. I blogged about the contest and did a few links to Panverse and Eight Against Reality. I also linked to my review of Shifter I did a few months ago.


  12. I'm so excited for this book! (+1)

    I blogged about the contest and Blue Fire with a link to my review of The Shifter. Also mentioned Kickstarter/Panverse Publishing and Eight Against Reality. (+4)


    Total of 5 points for me. :)

  13. Favorite animal? It's a toss-up between cat and horse... Do I still get a point? ;)

  14. thay both sound good to me have not read them but now that i know about them I will be looking at them closer.Fave animal is a Wolf
    +1 Comment
    +1 Link
    +1 Blog both the blog and the link are on my myspace blog here is the link to my myspace


  15. BOOYAH!
    Been waiting for this.
    I did everything you asked, Janice: http://glenakinsays.blogspot.com/2010/07/blue-fire-contest.html

    And my fav animal is a NINJA RABBIT! :D

  16. Favorite animal is probably a horse.

  17. I love doggies :D


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  19. I need to know what happens to Lanelle!
    My favorite animal is a Panda, Sea horse and Killer whale, but thier scary

  20. Hi, my favorite animal is a toss up between a dog and a cat. I think they're both entertaining and lovable.

    I blogged about your contest and provided a link. I also provided a blurb about The Shifter.


  21. Just want to say thanks for all the info. you provide for us. I look foward to your new book.

  22. My favorite animal is a unicorn.

    I posted about your contest, the Kickstarter program, Eight Against Reality on Facebook.
    I don't have a blog yet. I think that's 4 points. I SO want to win. It'd be a great birthday present.

  23. My favorite animal has to be a cat - and my mean ol' hubby won't let me get one!!

    I did a blog review about The Shifter and I had blogged about Eight Against Reality a few days ago - scroll down to June 28th - so that's 4 points for me!! Thanks for doing the contest.


  24. LOL at the ninja rabbit. :)

    Here is the link to my previous 8AR/Panverse post:

    Here is the link to my post for BLUE FIRE:

    ...still more to come. :)

  25. Would love to win that ARC. Four entries, I believe.
    link to contest on blog-1
    Mention of the awesome Kickstarter-1
    link to Eight Against Reality-1

    thanks! http://triciajobrien.blogspot.com

  26. Ooh. I've been eagerly awaiting book 2. :)

    Can I count shoggoths as an animal? (Okay, if there has to be something traditional, it would be ferrets. Because I love my fuzzies.)

  27. ...adding my review of THE SHIFTER, which includes another link back to this contest.


  28. My favorite animal would be tigers. I think. It used to be flamingos, then penguins, then I went through an elephant phase. But I think tiger.

    Just one point for me.

  29. I saw a picture of a baby tree kangaroo and fell in love. I've always loved tigers, too, like ? above. So powerful, beautiful, and regal-looking.

  30. Oh gosh, thanks so much for the reminder. I would have been upset if I missed this one!

    I blogged about The Shifter/Blue Fire here (http://sarahnfisk.blogspot.com/2010/07/janice-hardys-blue-fire.html). And linked to the contest, Eight Against Reality and the kickstarter program.

    So that's 4 points! I'm really excited for this book, and so is my sister. She's spent most of the time since the UCF bookfair looking for more books like yours! I'll see if I can get her to enter before the deadline. :-)

  31. Love the blog. My favorite animal would have to be a horse. Read too many Walter Farley books growing up for it to be otherwise...

  32. One entry, please, under the wire!! Just want to say I love your blog -- been reading a long time now but never posted.

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  34. I would love to get an ARC of this book! My daughters and I have a book blog; www.amusingreviews.blogspot.com


    ntaylor228 at yahoo dot com