Thursday, October 01, 2009

Five Days and Counting...

Today is a little quieter, thank goodness. I actually got some writing done yesterday and a little more today. Hooray!

It was a productive morning.

Got some great news about fantastic bookstore placement from my editor.

Also found out today is the official release date of the UK version (I thought they both came out on the 6th), so for those on the UK, The Pain Merchants is out on the shelves! Hear it calling you?

The new website is live, though I did catch one or two things we still need to fix. (Isn't that always the case?).

Confirmed another book signing, so if you live in the Gainesville, GA area, I'll be at Hall Book Exchange November, 14, from 1-3pm. Here's a list of appearances, events and news so far. Reminder that I'll also be at Barnes & Noble in Alpharetta, GA on Wednesday, October 7 at 7pm, and in Woodstock, GA Saturday 1pm at Fox Tale Books.

Also confirmed a school visit to Otwell Middle School on October 22-23. A second school visit is still in the works but I hope to have dates for you shortly.

Another guest blog has been added to the list, which looks like it might be a recurring visit for a few months. Some cool topics, so it should be fun. You'll see me all over next week, so I hope you won't get sick of me. -grin-

Sent out for quotes on some promotional event materials, like posters and some cool mood pencils to use as giveaways at the schools. They turn from dark blue to light blue, symbolizing pynvium blue and shifting. (Thanks to my bud Bonnie for suggesting those).

Had a friend email me a photo of my book on the shelf at her local bookstore, out a week ahead of schedule. (Which is embedded in the email and I can't see to get it out of there or I'd post it)

Had two friends tell me they saw the interview I did for Writer's Digest Magazine, so that's out now as well. Check your stores! I haven't seen it yet, so "go to the store and buy a copy of WD" is now on my To-Do list.



  1. The website update looks great! Love the splash page. (That's what you call the main page with the pictures, right? Either way, it's pretty!)

  2. Well then, happy release day!!! <---said with a British accent. :)

  3. It's out in the UK? I shall head on over to a bookshop at the nearest opportunity to see if it's also out in Ireland. Unfortunately I won't actually be able to buy it right away, owing to a terminal money shortage, but it will be good to know if it's there!


  4. Thanks all! Yep, that's a splash page. And it should be out in Ireland, so let us know if you find it :) The library might have it too.

  5. Whoops, forgot to follow up on this! It wasn't out in the small-ish bookstore near my college, but I'm thinking Dublin would be the place to look. (Waterstones, one of the biggest chains in the UK, has two branches in there.) I'm pretty tenacious when there's a book I want though, so I'll find it!

  6. Love the new website. And now for my grand performance. This is my song (in irritating 5-year-old sing-song, taunting voice): I have the boook! I have the booook! I have The Pain Merchants! And I looove it! And you don't haaaave it! Na-na-na-na-naaaa-na!

  7. LOL, great Glen! Hope you enjoy it :)

  8. Oooh Janice, I am loving every word of it. Been forcing myself to stop reading it so it don't gobble it in one sitting. I love how the plot went from one simple problem to one HUGE, complicated problem. I probably won't be happy with you when I'm done, because I'll have to wait a while for the second book :D Hope writing that one is going great, by the way. Nya's my new fav female protag. Do her justice

  9. Thanks! That's so great to hear. Don't worry, the book doesn't end on a cliffhanger or anything. The wait will still be there but it hopefully won't be too bad.