Thursday, February 12, 2015

Podcasts for Indie Authors

By Julie Musil, @juliemusil

Part of the Indie Author Series

Whether you’re pursuing the traditional path, or venturing into indie publishing, podcasts are an excellent way for writers to learn while on the go. Podcast topics range from the writing craft, to marketing, to new trends in the industry, and so much more.

New to podcasts? Here's what you do:
  • Go to or download the free Stitcher app from the app store (these same podcasts are available on iTunes)
  •  Create a Stitcher account
  • Browse shows based on your interests (publishing, writing children's books, current events, whatever)
  • Sift through the many choices (I typed in "Indie Publishing" and over 500 shows popped up)
  • Add interesting shows to your list
  • When you're ready to listen, download a show and play

I’ve tried the following podcasts. I like them all and would highly recommend them. Here they are in the order of my preference:

1. Joanna Penn from the Creative Penn--Most of us have read Joanna's blog, The Creative Penn. Her podcasts are produced with the same topics in mind. She asks pointed questions in her interviews and boils it down for all authors--the small time and big time. Her podcasts focus on indie publishing, but there's plenty of information for all writers and publishers. Some recent topics were Game-Changing Technology for Self Publishing Picture Books, How to Make a Living as an Author, and Audiobooks for Indies.

2. Rocking Self Publishing--Simon Whistler features great interviews with successful indie authors who offer inspiration and nuts and bolts ideas. His style is relaxed and friendly. He has a great way of turning the conversation back to the topic at hand. Some notable podcasts included Self Publishing to Survive, Using King Sumo to Build a Mailing List, and Leveraging Wattpad to Build a Following.

3. Sell More Books Show--This weekly podcast, hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, has a nice back and forth style. They go through the top five publishing news events from the week and offer their opinions. Some recent topics included KDP Ads, ISBNs, and Author Value, Trolls, Crowdfunding, and Churning Out Books, and Diversification, Silver Linings, and The Future.

4. Self Publishing Podcast--This podcast, hosted by Johnny, Sean and Dave, is entertaining but packed full of colorful language--just a warning. These guys are fearless and innovative. They try all kinds of experiments and report back to their listeners about what did or didn’t work. Some recent episodes included What Readers Really Want, Self Publishing Lessons Learned of 2014, and Self Publishing Predictions for 2015.

I’ve also heard about the Self Publishing Round Table, but I haven’t listened to that one yet. They’re next up on my iPhone! Check out their website for a list of recent podcasts.

Listening to podcasts is an entertaining and productive thing to do while walking, driving, or cleaning house. I simply download a show before my workout or before I hit the road, then learn while I'm on the go.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, are there any you can add to the list? Please share!

Julie Musil writes from her rural home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband and three sons. She’s an obsessive reader who loves stories that grab the heart and won’t let go. Her Young Adult novels, The Summer of Crossing Lines and The Boy Who Loved Fire, are available now. For more information, or to stop by an say Hi, please visit Julie on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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  1. Janice, thanks for having me over today! Update: I listened to the Self Publishing Roundtable and really liked it. More back and forth discussions about what innovative authors are trying.

  2. I haven't tried podcasts yet, but I'm tempted after reading this. Thanks, Julie for the info, I'll try and check out a few and bookmark this page to help.

  3. There's a new one I've been listening to, "Social Media for Authors" from

  4. Traci, I hope you like podcasts. They're fun AND informative!

    Christina, great tip! I'll check that one out. Thanks!

  5. I already listen to Joanna's podcasts, but I'll definitely have to check the rest of them out. Thanks, Julie.

  6. Janice and Julie, thanks for sharing these wonderful links. :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing these, I always love hearing about new podcasts. They're great to listen to while driving! Over at Written Word Media, we just listened to a bunch of podcasts and wrote a post about them! It includes some of these and a bunch of others. Check it out here: