Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One the Road and Talking About Middles

I'm taking over for Sierra Godfrey today while she's on maternity leave. Since I did the inciting event last time I was there, were thought it would be fun to talk about middles this time. (Next time I bet it's endings. Nice symmetry) So pop on over to read about the mistakes we make with them, and how to fix those mistakes.

Mistakes We Make With Middles
We almost always know how to start. We usually have a general idea where we end. But the middle? That can leave us wandering around and looking for a way out of the whole mess.

Like many writers, I struggled with middles when I was developing my skills. I probably made all the same basic mistakes, took the same wrong turns, and wound up at the same dead ends. After enough frustration, I decided it was time to kick some middle butt and figure out how to get through them without wanting to tear my manuscript apart.

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  1. Great post, as always. Esther Hershenhorn, former RA of SCBWI-IL, calls the middle a 'muddle,' which is often appropriate. :)

    BTW, I've passed on a blog award to you because you have such great content. :)