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Sunday, March 13

More Stuff Coming

So I've been doing some experimenting the last few weeks. I'm sure you've spotted days with lots of posts and days with just the one. Folks seem to like the extra posts, so starting tomorrow I'll be going back to those. So you can expect:

Morning Writing Posts: 6am (EST) topic on writing, my main meaty post of the day.

Lunchtime Links: 12pm (EST) posts that link to something cool I've read elsewhere. These will also include older posts from my bookmarked files and great stuff no one has seen for years because blogs are very "what's new is what's read." Discussion here is highly encouraged.

Evening Spotlights: 6pm (EST) Something writing related. Workshops, conferences, contests, cool sites, cool writing books, etc.

Evening Two for T-Days: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the evening spotlight will be replaced with a repeat writing post from the archives. The post time might vary on this one since Blogger has issues with changing dates when you re-post something old. Tech-Guru Tom is working on this, but posts might be as early as 4pm (EST).

Weekend Blog Tour Re-Posts: About two months left of these, then it'll go to regular writing posts every morning on the weekends.

Regular Columns: Still doing these, and there's a new one now.

How They Do It Tuesdays: The "love to, thanks for asking" response was so awesome for this that I have enough to post them once a week. I also have a dynamite line up of authors for you, with quite a few that have "NY Times Bestselling" on their book covers. We've also added these posts to the rotating box list at the top of the site (box four) so you can benefit from last year's selection more easily as well.

Re-Write Wednesdays: For brevity I'm not titling these, (except in the tags) but Wednesdays are still all about re-writing and polishing your work.

Find Your Plot Fridays: Ditto here, and Fridays are all about plotting and story development.

Real Life Diagnosis:  No one has sent me anything in a while, but if anyone has a question about their work and wants to send it in, here's an official call for submissions. See the full rules here.

And that's about it for now. We'll continue to tweak and fiddle, (looking at a few ways to make better use of the full depth of information on the site), and suggestions are always welcome.