Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 20

Coming down to the wire now. Which I guess means I'd better start thinking up posts for this blog come Monday. Any questions or ideas? I had a good one this morning while writing one of tomorrow's guest stops.

Today, I'm talking about stuff over at...

Tuesday, October 26
Necessary Writers
What Kind of Writer Are You?
Career themes and how they can work for you.

Tall Tales and Short Stories
The Long and Writing Road
What I've learned about publishing over the last two years.


  1. Hey Janice, That really did go fast. I can't believe how many posts you've done and you are already thinking about what to blog next!

    So, I was just wondering if you've ever hit a writer's block and how you dealt with it. I know we all have our ways of dealing, but just wonder if it ever happened to you and what your thoughts are/were about it.

  2. I'd love to hear how the blogtour has worked for you. What kinds of posts were hardest--or easiest? Have you been able to track sales for this tour vs. a signing tour?

  3. Good topics! I could probably do a week on blog tour results alone.

  4. Ooops, I'm sorry, I just saw you had a tab on Writer's block. Should have realized you would have covered that already :-) So, I guess I'd be wondering how you deal with that when you are under pressure or have a specific deadline to meet for your agent or other waiting party.

  5. Two topics on POV.
    I noticed you recommended the book Scene and structure by Jack Bickham. Well, Jacky boy was a student of Dwight Swain, who wrote the book Techniques of the selling writer. In that book he discusses a technique called Motivation and reaction units. I would love to hear your thoughts about them, because I've heard from a lot of people who hold mixed feelings about them.

    Also, when you were starting out, what was the best way you found at becoming better at understanding POV?

  6. Actually Melanie, I might do another writer's block post anyway. I had some new thoughts (though I need to read my old one to make sure I'm not just repeating myself)

    Sam, I've heard of Swain's book, but haven't read it. Motivation and reaction sounds like stimulus response, so I'll have to see if I can find more info on that. I love talking about POV (the tour stop tomorrow in on that) so that's a good one to do. I had a writer friend who said something that finally made me get POV so I even remember the moment when things clicked for me.