Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Know, I've Been Slacking Again...

Just been one of those weeks. I'll have a RWW up by the end of the day though, promise.


  1. That's okay if you're too busy. You're entitled especially since your blog is always so detailed and helpful. It must take you a lot of time to write your posts.

  2. Blogging is not an easy job. I know. I've started one myself.Only two weeks in and it's hard to keep up. I hope you'll visit it as I've just released my book and am working hard on networking to build up exposure. If you visit you'll also see I'm a Janice Hardy fan!

  3. It does take time, though some posts write quickly. I usually do all my posts for the week on Sundays, and when something comes up and I can't, then I'm scrambling all week. Which is what happened this past weekend. (two weekends in a row, actually). Combine that with a lack of topic ideas and I'm in trouble that week (grin)

    Lee, I added your blog to my sidebar :) I feel your pain. The key is to find something you can talk about all the time that others would also be interested in. This blog is easy to write for since it's a topic I love and know about. But I'm always at a loss as to what to write for the Healing Wars blog. That one doesn't get updated nearly as much. It's probably going to be demoted to a news and info blog mostly soon. Sometimes I think I could do like a journal, but does anyone really care about my day to day life? LOL. I can't see how that wold be all that interesting.