Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing the Love

EDIT: It just hit me that I forgot to tell y'all that I was interviewed on another blog this week! (bad me. Two at the same time just threw me there). So pop on over to the Debut Authors Blog and peek around.

Since we were just talking about chapter endings and whatnot, this great post by author Elizabeth Spann Craig offers another wonderful take on how to end chapters and how she decides where to break them. And it's sooooo different from me. Certain readers here will be delighted by her words -grin- Never forget that everyone does things differently, and there are so many right ways to do something.

And speaking of...

She has another fantastic post on knowing what doesn't work for her and what does that I think every writer should read. Figuring out your writing process is so valuable.

Agent Nathan Bransford has a great post on being specific in a query (and has a delightful example).

Pub Rants had the most hysterical movie trailer on Friday. This reminds me of a similar thing the group Da Vinci's Notebook did with how to write a boy band pop song, called "The Title of the Song." I wish I knew how to link that and share.

Agent Rachelle Gardener is doing query critiques, and those are always valuable to learning what makes a good query.

Yes, this is a peace offering just in case I don't get a chance to do a real post later. Why didn't I write one now instead of reading a bunch of blogs and linking them, you ask? Because I had a short break and needed something fun to do for 30 minutes. There just wasn't enough time to dive into a full blog post. And, to be honest, I'm a bit stuck on ideas at the moment.

Anyone have any questions or want to know anything? Because otherwise, I might have to read through the labels and see what I haven't talked about much. Which will distract me because I'll read old posts and then I won't get anything done.

Ah, such a vicious circle.


  1. Thanks for the plugs, Janice. :) And for the other links for me to check out, too.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Nice links!

    Hey, as a topic idea, what's your policy on research while writing/drafting?

  3. Thanks for posting the links. I'm going to check out the ones I didn't know about.

  4. Janice, thanks for the links!

  5. Most welcome. And Elizabeth, thanks for writing a great blog :)