Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let Me Ask You...Again...

It's been awhile since I opened this up to questions, so is there anything you guys are having trouble with or want to know about? I'm getting my holiday posts ready to schedule, and it's always good to talk about stuff people want to know about.


Questions? Anything writing/publishing/book related goes.


  1. How about something on the post-release side of writing a book? I've always been curious about things like when you find out how well a book has done and how much contact you have with it once it's been thrown out into the wide world.

    Or, to reformulate that as some actual questions:

    1) How soon do you find out what your sales are like?

    2) Do you get told about new developments to do with the book (foreign publication, stellar reviews, that sort of thing) or do you have to find out for yourself?

    3) What advice would you give somebody whose book is marching towards publication? Not that I'm in that situation myself (alas), but I'm curious about the overall experience.

  2. I also would love to see some marketing advice to help me prepare for my 2011 release.

  3. I would love to hear about marketing too and what the best tools are, especially for those of us, who have to keep our full-time jobs. Also, I always struggle with character development. I'll be out of town with no Internet after Friday for a week, but will check back when I get back.

  4. Here's something else I love to hear about. What did you do when your book first came out? What do you do at your book signings and how have you advertised both of these so people came to the events. Thanks.

  5. Awesome questions! Keep 'em coming. I won't have to think up anything till New Year's at this rate :)

  6. My questions have to do with writing (and getting a book published) while still keeping a day job. First, how flexible and understanding are agents and editors about conflicts with an author's day job? Do they assume that you will drop everything around the time of a book release to focus on signings and appearances, etc? At what point do you have the conversation with an agent about whether or not to quit the day job and write full-time? And what if you don't want to quit the day job?