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Wednesday, August 12

And the Winner of the Contest Contest Is...

Some of you may remember I did a Contest Contest a few weeks back. There were some great ideas, and it's time to announce the winner!

I actually couldn't decide between Michelle and Ruth, so I'm picking both. I loved Michelle's idea of a Bob and the Zombie's title challenge, and Ruth's idea of continuing on with a starter paragraph.

Congratulations you two!

Although the book trailer ideas were great, that's probably a bit more involved than most folks can handle, and I want something everyone can participate in.

Since the prize in this one was to write the intro as you why you thought this would be a good contest, (if you wanted to) you can e-mail me your intros through the website. Because I haven't been able to figure out how to do the e-mail link on the blog yet. Yeah, I know, I should be able to do that, but it eludes me. If you want to send a photo or something silly, feel free. This was all about silly fun after all.

Some of you may remember I mentioned a real contest on August 1st, which didn't happen. There were some things I had to get in line before I could start it, but that's all done, so look for the first official with a prize and everything contest on the Healing Wars blog tomorrow. (I'd do it today, but then I'd have three posts in one day, which just might be a sign of the apocalypse)

Grats again, Michelle and Ruth.

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  1. Yaaaaaayyy!!!! I'll get on that intro. :)