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Wednesday, May 27

Links for the Lazy (Lazy = Me)

I know, I've been a bad blogger lately, but to make up for it, here are a couple of fun things.

A great article about fonts and what goes into creating a great book design from How Publishing Really Works. (This really appealed to the graphic designer in me)

And a hysterical video from 1969 about the internet, courtesy of BookNinja. (I have no clue how to post a video, so I'll just offer the link)

I promise I will get back to regular posting soon. I have some fun topics planned and everything. Stuff about characters, stuff you should focus on depending on what stage of writing you're at, juggling projects, coming up with ideas, dialogs tags.

On the flipside, the rewrite of Shifter 2 is just about done. So, see, I haven't been ignoring you guys for a bad reason -grin-


  1. That video is hysterical. 'Electronic correspondence machine'? Man, those wacky sixties-era futurists.

    Incidentally, I love the assumption that 'the husband' will be the one paying for everything. How can you anticipate vaugely decent looking monitors (hey, they're not giant CRTs) but completely fail to see that sexism might just lessen a bit?

  2. My husband thinks he pays for marrying me every day. I figure he may as well pay for everything else while he's at it. :)