Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did You Hear About...?

I'm going to cheat a little today and post some links to some good blog posts I've seen this week. All of these are great blogs, so if you don't read them regularly yet, you might want to take a peek.

First up, if you ever wanted to know how writers make their money and how the whole advance, royalty, rights thing works, Moonrat has a great breakdown.

The Swivet has a cute video about a duck who wasn't thinking about the future when she built her nest (but it has a happy ending).

Author Nicola Morgan helps you decipher your rejection letters.

Agent Rachelle Gardener offers words of encouragement we all need to hear.

The Blood-Red Pencil shares the wisdom of Elmore Leonard.

And finally, just because I loved this series when I was a kid, and even did the whole sci fi convention costume contest thing. (I was Diana, did a speech and everything. We won a bunch of contests, too!) Have you seen the trailer for the new V series this fall? It looks awesome! (Yes, I've a bit of the geek in me, but that makes me well-rounded, right?)

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  1. I loved V! I had no idea they were doing a new series. *rubs hands together gleefully*