Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And Now, I'd Like to Open the Discussion to Questions...

My head is swimming this morning with edits and revisions, so no topic comes to mind. (I"ll have one by the end of the day I'm sure, so no worries). Was there anything (Shorty, I'm talking to you! -grin-) anyone was curious about? I've had so much fun with the question you folks have asked.

So, if you wanted to hear me ramble about anything, now's your chance.*



*Post will arrive with bells and whistles at the end of the day.


  1. Oooo, me, I have a question, or two, for you...

    On your blog's side bar you say you are a YA fantasy writer but I thought The Shifter was billed as Middle Grade? If so, I'm curious about all things YA vs MG as it relates to your publishing journey. Did you write The Shifter as YA and the publisher thought it was more MG. Or did you write it as MG but see yourself more as a YA writer for future books?

    Also, if I read one of your earlier posts right did you start out in early drafts with a male MC then later change to a female MC? If so, why (I'm curious because my in the early stages of my WIP I had a male MC but being a girl :) makes it tough, at least for me, to write my best using a male POV)?

    And what age is your MC? Did the age have a lot to do with it being MG?

    Thanks so much Janice!

  2. Did you start working on your second book in the Shifter series right away, or did you wait for the first to be picked up by an agent/editor before beginning it?

  3. Hahaha :) Sorry I dropped the ball (why didn't you tell me you didn't have any ideas!) A few things:

    1.) I'd love to see where you do most of your writing. An author website, I can't think of the name right now, they post pictures of their writing spaces and I thought that would be something fun to see. Where do you write?! Do you do it at coffee shops, in an office, on your roof with your cats?!

    2.) What are some things you do to get yourself through a scene you either don't want to write because you know it's hard, or are having trouble getting through? How do you move that process along so you don't remain stuck in it forever (I'm sort of there now).

    3.) I know you've done great posts on scenes, but I was wondering if you could go into those scenes that aren't so definitive. For example, sometimes I have scenes I can really visualize because something physical and tangible is happening, but then there's always that time of reflection afterward I have a harder time "seeing" these in my mind's eye which can sometimes make them harder to plan out in scene form, meaning, figuring out the beginning, middle and end, etc. Because, in reality, they're discussing or contemplating whatever disaster has just befallen them. So, I have trouble constructing this into a viable "scene".

    Ok, there's three for you. I don't want to overwhelm you, you know :)

    Also, after the talk of your cats in your awesome characters post, can we see them?! :)

  4. Not so much out of ideas, just brain fogged :) But I'm glad I was because this has been fun.

  5. lol, true, I suppose you never run out of ideas. So maybe now I'll just save up all my questions until you have your brain fogs and then do a question dump :)

  6. Nah, hit me with them when they hit you. I keep of list of topics so I can turn to those if nothing comes to me that day. :)

  7. I curious about your first drafts. How polished are they? Any incomplete thoughts, scenes that go nowhere, rambling, clunky dialog etc? Do you do more of a brain dump to get the whole spirit of the story out, or do you craft more at this stage?