Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Way Cool, at Least to Me

Okies, I know I was supposed to talk about scenes today, but I've been swamped and don't have time for more than a quick post. Nifty scene stuff tomorrow, I promise.

Today, however, I got a very exciting e-mail from my agent. One of her clients, the utterly fantastic Ally Carter, is at the International Reading Association Conference right now. She saw this...

That hand there, holding my book is Ally Carter's hand! The reason this is totally cool is that she just happens to be my very favorite YA author. Her Gallagher Girls series is awesome.

The fact that my debut novel is on display at IRA is pretty cool too.


  1. That is absolutely amazing! Congrats!
    I think I would do a crazy little jig around my neighborhood if I received a picture like that. The screaming would scare away the neighbors.
    And just think about how it will feel when your book hits the bookshelves. Wow!

    Again, congrats!

  2. Congrats! This is way better and way more exciting than a scene post :) Can't wait until we get to hold them in OUR hot little hands!

  3. aaaaaawww!!! hey, so where's the excerpt!?! Come on, Janice's editors! Pls!

    And congrats. Book looks so sweet

  4. Thanks all! This was definitely one of those "holy cow this book thing is real!" moments :)

  5. That's so exciting! I love the cover, too. As a youth, I'd totally have picked it up and, since I haven't managed to change much over the past *cough*twentyfiveyears*cough*, I still would! Er, I mean, my kids are going to love it...

  6. LOL, just because it's YA doesn't mean adults can't love them :) I have more teen fiction on my shelves than grown up fiction these days. There's a lot of original stuff being done in that market.

  7. I know, I'm just joking around :) Although I occasionally cross over to the dark side (aka: adult fiction), I've always been a much bigger fan of MG/YA than any other genre, which not everyone understands. I think younger readers are very discerning, while at the same time better able to suspend belief, so I find 'their' books to be a lot more fun! I don't worry about getting funny looks though. With 5 kids, everyone assumes I'm just reading (or writing) with them in mind :)

    P.S. Your new website looks great!

  8. Thanks! Five kids? Wow, belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope they pampered you well.