Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Let's Get Creative and Write From the Heart (Two Free Workshops This Week)

A quick heads up about two free events this week.

If you're a subscriber, you already know about this, but if not...I'm participating in Write From the Heart, a free two-day writing workshop Thursday and Friday.

And from Wednesday to Friday, there's also a free creativity conference (I'm not part of this one, just passing along the info).

Write From the Heart: August 5 - 6, 3pm EST

You’ll learn how to cultivate a writing practice that not only works for you, but feels nourishing. You’ll dive in and learn how to listen to the heart of your story--and how to translate that pulse onto the page.

Plus, some practical tips on how to:
  • heal writer’s block
  • create healthy writing habits
  • embody your characters
  • create emotionally resonant scenes
  • and include a handful of must-have scenes
You'll also get my workshop on Developing Stronger Internal Conflicts in Your Novel

Over two days, eleven experts will help you reorient your writing practice, cultivate your authentic voice, and align you with the heart of your story--all so you can create and finish the book you were born to write!

Grab your complimentary ticket here. The workshops will be recorded and a replay will be available for 72 hours after the event. 

The Creativity Conference: August 4 - 6

Creatives from around the world are invited to join us on a journey of exploration to explore the essence of creativity in all its forms. Together, we will search for that elusive moment in which something truly original is brought into the world.

Explore these ideas in 72 online presentations and panels, and 3 keynotes with musicians, dancers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, fine artists, authors, and more. We will learn about the impact of technology, the purpose of poetry, inspiring environments, and extraordinary creative tools.​

Register here.

Both events are free. 

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