Saturday, February 15, 2020

Real Life Diagnostics is Now WIP Diagnostic: Is This Working?

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

The very first Real Life Diagnostic appeared way back in May 2010. Since then, I (with recent help from Maria D’Marco) have critiqued and diagnosed 410 submissions. That’s a lot of pages to review.

I had no idea when I started these critiques that they’d still be going strong ten years later. Thank you for that, and for all your submissions and comments on the writing posted here every week. I have quite a few regular submitters, and I’ve seen how they’ve improved from everyone’s help and generosity.

After all this time, I felt the column was due for a name change that better described what it was. I’ve always thought of it as “diagnosing real life works in progress,” but that wasn’t obvious from the title. It’s still the same column, with perhaps a little more general feedback and well as answers to the submitted questions. My goal, as always, is to help writers improve their writing.

The first official new post appears tomorrow, but then it goes back to its regular Saturday run date.

As of today, there are four submissions in the queue.



  1. You do amazing work and truly help loads of people. Give yourself a hug and a huge pat on the back. Thank you, Janice!

    Best always,