Monday, October 14, 2019

There's Still Time to Attend the Romance Writers Summit (And it's Not Just for Romance Writers)

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

If you haven't heard about the Romance Writers Summit yet, you still have time to sneak in under the wire (and see my session on Great Opening Scenes).

The summit is like attending an amazing writer’s conference without ever leaving your house. Kris Kennedy has brought together quite the collection of authors, editors, screenwriters, and even game writers, and sat down with every one of them to ask questions writers want answers to.

It might say “Romance Summit” on the door, but these sessions offer writers of all genres advice they can use.

Over twenty speakers will share their knowledge and expertise with interviews and sessions filled with helpful advice.

The Summit begins today and runs through Friday October 18. Every day, a set of videos goes live at midnight (Eastern) for 24 hours. Log in anytime during the next 24 hours to watch that day's videos. Next day, a different set of Expert Interviews goes live. Repeat, through Friday. Once registered, you'll receive email reminders each day.

Easy peasy, right? RWS host Kris Kennedy will also pop in intermittently and answer questions about the topics covered in the interviews and workshops.

Here's the schedule of speakers:

Day One
Monday, Oct 14

  • Rebecca Roanhorse: Building Worlds & Characters
  • Screenwriter Naomi Beaty: Story By The Beats
  • Mary Buckham: Six Myths About Plotting that Keep Writers Stuck
  • Janice Hardy: How to Grab Your Reader on Page One
  • Rebecca Monterusso: Keys to Characterization
Day Two
Tues, Oct 15

  • Eliza Knight: Keys to Romance Fiction
  • Cecelia Mecca: Going from Pantsing to Plotting
  • Marilyn Brant: Breaking Down ‘Pride & Prejudice’ by the Beats
  • Farrah Rochon: Crafting Memorable Characters
  • Brad Parks: Building Suspense & Thrills in Your Novel
  • Jennifer Ashley: Writing Across Multiple Genres
Day Three
Wed, Oct 16

  • Robin Covington: Conflict & Character Arcs
  • Sacha Black: Crafting a Superbad Villain
  • Melissa Blue: Crafting the Alpha
  • Kris Kennedy: How To Turn Backstory into Story Fuel
  • JoEllen Nordstrom & Kristin McTiernan: Powerful Pacing
  • Justin Sloan: Storytelling in Video Games
Day Four
Wed, Oct 17

  • Marie Force: How To Write a Series that Brings Readers Back for More
  • Kristina Stanley: Story Editing
  • Jess Michaels: Passion, Sex, & Love: Building Sensual Tension
  • Kira Ming: Storytelling in Nonfiction
  • Angela James: Navigating the Editorial Relationship
  • Naomi Beaty: Adapting Your Novel to a Screenplay
Day Five
Wed, Oct 18

  • Jami Gold: Romance By The Beats
  • Kris Kennedy: Just The Turning Points: Plot Your Character-Driven Story In Four Steps (4 connected presentations)

Don't have time to watch it all live? You're in luck.

If you can't see it live, or want to be able to see it whenever you want, you can. The Romance Writers Summit has over 16 HOURS of high-quality expert insights and guidance to craft powerful fiction, which is a lot to absorb in one week. You might want to spread that out and have the ability to return to the sessions that resonated with you the most.

So, for those who prefer to watch what you want when you want it, your best bet is to purchase the All Access Pass. For just $49, you can get ongoing, unlimited access to over 20 videos and a special Bonus Package of writer resources, just as a little thank you. Buy hey…the price goes up after the Summit launches, so now is the best time to grab your Pass.

Besides a lifetime access to amazing videos, if you purchase the All Access Pass, you'll get a package of over 25 amazing bonuses.

From cheatsheets to workbooks, craft books, and discounts on online software and courses, it's an unbeatable value. Check out this list of goodies (And let me remind you, they’re all FREE with the purchase of the All Access Pass for just $49). Here’s a taste:
  • Alexa Bigwarfe’s Building Your Author Platform program for FREE. *Regular price: $297
  • PDF worksheet from screenwriter & coach Naomi Beaty. Use it to help nail down the essential core of your story. Use it to plot, revise...& pitch!
  • Kris Kennedy’s list of romance tropes and set-ups. It's not every trope that ever existed, but it's a starter guide. Use it to inspire ideas & focus your storytelling on the things readers want to read!
  • $50 Discount on ‘Idea to Outline’ Screenwriting Course
  • 20% Discount on Fictionary Software: Import your manuscript and get powerful visuals of your story’s arc + 12 additional insights to improve your story like never before.
  • Get Mary Buckham & Dianna Love's nonfiction book, Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells.
  • 100% Discount on Productivity Course--free access to Mary Buckham's "Secrets To Productivity" course.
  • A fast, simple checklist of marketing ideas for authors from nonfiction editor Kira Ming.
  • Rebecca Monterusso's PDF guide on how studying masterworks can improve your writing.
  • 18% Discount on First Editing's online editing course: Every scene has make your story different (in plot, character, &/or romance). Use Kris Kennedy's simple, two-step guide to ensure every scene in your story matters.
  • Janice Hardy's Fixing Your Character & Point of View Problems, a combo book-doctor-story-editor full-length book that’s a comprehensive guide on how to identify & repair problems with character & point of view.
  • 10% Discount on 'Before You Hit Send' Online Course
  • Sacha Black's '13 Steps To Evil' Workbook. An awesome guide for crafting the character she says matters most in your story: your villain.
And that's not even all of them.

This will be a terrific Summit, so even if you want to pass on the All Access Pass and the Goodies, still sign up and watch the sessions that appeal to you. I’ll be checking this one out myself, and hope to “see” you there.

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