Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ebooks and Courses and Software, Oh My!

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

I don’t care for pushy sales promo stuff any more than most folks do (and I think a lot of writers feels the same way, which is why marketing is so hard for many of us). So please forgive me for this salesy today.

Over the last few years, I’ve become an affiliate for a few people and products I truly felt you guys would A. Like, and B. Benefit from. So a couple of times a year I grit my teeth to do the whole “marketing thing” and try to find that line between promo and pushy.

Oddly enough, it’s easier to promote someone else’s stuff than my own. I think it’s that whole, “Hey, this is pretty cool, check it out” idea versus the, “Hey, look at my new stuff” idea. It’s fun to share, but painful to promote.

So here goes…

Right now, Infostack is doing an “encore performance” sale of its Write Publish Profit 2.0 bundle until October 3. It’s $6,481.80 worth of writing and publishing resources for just $49, which is a pretty good deal. I bought the same bundle when it launched earlier it the year just for the marketing stuff alone.

Aside from a ton of helpful resources, you also get my Fixing Your Plot and Story Structure Problems ebook, so as that old hair club ad paraphrases, “I’m not just a client I’m a member.” I think it’s good deal even if you only use half of what’s in this bundle. If just one online course appeals to you, it’s a great deal at that price.

So what IS in this bundle?

The full list can be found here, but here’s a quick breakdown of what you get:

27 Premium Video Ecourses ($4,329.97 Value)

These step-by-step online video classes and tutorials will teach you how to plan and write your book, how to package and prepare your book for publishing, how to create a hollywood-style book video trailer, and more.

14 Top-Ranked Ebooks ($99.87 Value)

Discover the secret to creating characters that captivate, learn how to edit your book like a professional even on a budget, find out how to get your book to bestseller, and more with these no-fluff guides and ebooks.

Free Access to Premium Software ($312.00)

Craft the perfect manuscript with 1 year of ProWritingAid writing and editing software, or build your spiffy new author website with 3 months of Authorcats website software, and get your novel publisher ready with 12 months of Novel Factory, $312 in total value, yours free with your purchase of Write Publish Profit 2.0.

Ready-to-Use Book Trailer Templates ($97.00 Value)

Create a professional looking book video trailer that gets readers pre-ordering your book.

5 Step-by-step Workbooks ($102.97 Value)

Including, the complete author business planning system that will help you build your author platform and grow your profit.

50% Off Your Professionally Designed Book Cover, Editing, and Formatting (Save up to $449.00)

Forget the amateur-looking DIY approach or spending an arm and leg on professional design; now you can get a slick looking new book cover without breaking the bank, thanks to 50% off your first cover over at 100Covers. Not only that, but you'll also find coupons for professional formatting and editing services in this Super Stack that can save you over $400+.

Cutting-Edge Self-Publishing Genre Reports ($111.00 Value)

Learn which genres are most profitable, what keywords are trending, and much more with these up-to-date self-publishing reports.

4 months free of Speakertunity Radio Insider ($144.00 Value)

Find and book speaking gigs across radio shows and podcasts to highlight and promote your book.

No matter what stage you’re at in your writing career, there’s something here for you. And for those still in the early stages, you’ll get resources that’ll help you write your novel, and later promote it when you’re a published author, so it’s an inexpensive investment to get a head start of what you’ll need to know later on.

Just pop on over to their website to learn more. 

And all the legal stuff…yes, I’m an affiliate, which means I get a commission when you buy this bundle using my link. Affiliates are a way for me to help cover the costs of running this site and continuing to offer free advice to writers every day, as well as travel to writers’ conferences and book festivals to teach workshops. I sincerely appreciate your support.

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