Sunday, July 07, 2019

Writing Prompt: The Chain Story: That's Not Right.

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Last month I took a survey to see which Sunday post you guys preferred--tips or prompts. Most asked for tips, but enough of you also liked the prompts I decided that the first Sunday of every month would be for prompts.

This month’s prompt is a chain story! I’ll give you the first line, and someone else comments and builds off that line. Next commenter will build off that line, and so on.

In the event of two commenters posting at the same time and sending the story in different directions, just pick the line you like best, or try to incorporate both if you can.

There was definitely something wrong with him.

Let the fun begin.


  1. To be precise, he was dead. Not a mark on him, but no pulse and the body cold even with the warming air of the early morning desert. First vacation in five years and I find a body on day one. Crap. My phone was back in the jeep.

  2. I took a deep breath and turned back toward the jeep. As I wound through the desert hills retracing my steps, movement off to the right, behind a couple mesquite bushes, caught my eye.

  3. Here's the thing: he shouldn't have been dead. He definitely wasn't dead when I left him. That was supposed to happen much later. And in a different place than my first-time-in-five-years-vacation spot! Need to rethink the plan.

  4. Luckily, the start to that plan emerged from the mesquite bushes.

  5. About 50 yards from the bushes, I braked hard, almost standing the Jeep on its nose, and waited for the dust to clear.

  6. I watched as one of the bushes shivered again. Rattler? No, the movement was too abrupt. Grabbing my gun, I stepped out of the Jeep. A worn out boot caught my eye. I moved closer and saw the man's blood-stained shirt.