Friday, April 20, 2018

Join Me for the Power of Writing Interview Series 2

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Becoming a writer isn’t an easy path! There are many challenges that new writers face on their quest to say "I am a writer" --challenges which, like those on any other quest, have to be overcome if we wish to find the treasure at the end.

Some of these common challenges include: Wondering what you should be writing about; finding the time and the inspiration to write; overcoming the fear of not being good enough, of what might come up; not writing consistently; procrastinating; getting easily distracted; struggling with keep a writer’s journal that inspires and guide your writing life (because you know you should be doing that but you just…don’t!)

Dawn Purcell is a writer, a writing and journaling mentor, and founder of the Soul Script writing method. She's also wrestled with these challenges; but now, she has reached a point where she combines managing a family of five with dedication to what she calls a ‘holistic’ writing life! For her, writing is not only at the core of her work, but is also the foundation to the way she lives her life personally and professionally.

Dawn has made it her mission to help other writers overcome some of these challenges too, and create an inspired, consistent and fulfilling writing practice that makes you confidently say "I am a WRITER."

She hosted the first Power of Writing interview series, where she interviewed a wide range of people from all over the industry. And she is now bringing it back for a second season!

I'm part of this year's telesummit, along with 15 other experts in a different aspect of writing for The Power of Writing: Discover and share your gifts through developing a powerful and purposeful writing practice.

And I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend: Register here!

My interview goes live on May 11. (please note this date has changed from the 10th)

All of these interviews are audio, so you will be able to watch from your home, office, or on the go!

This event is for you if:
  • If you have words burning inside of you and know that writing is the key to discovering and living your soul’s purpose.
  • If you are attracted to the many different types of writing – fiction, non-fiction, memoir – and of course, journaling (which Dawn advocates really is the foundation to not only a creative, inspired and rich writing life, but your BEST life).
  • If you want to be able to finally say ‘I’m a writer’.
  • You’re struggling with any of the writing challenges I mentioned, like time, inspiration, fear, procrastination and habits, consistency, regular journaling
Many aspects of writing are going to be covered in the interviews, including:

Journaling and YOUR STORY!
How keeping a journal helps cultivate a strong writer’s mindset that is needed to keep you aligned and focused on your writing goals, and how it helps you to identify and understand the mental blocks that may stand in your way. And also how journaling is a rich well of ideas for your writing projects!

Fiction and non-fiction writing! There are fiction and non-fiction authors on the summit discussing themes in their writing and their process and the impact that writing has had on them personally, and also how writing impacts readers.

Memoir! The power of your life story, the themes, and how to get started digging into your past and becoming your own archaeologist!

Blogging! Every writer is well suited to keeping a blog, and every author should be writing one! Hear from successful bloggers about what it takes

The world of publishing! What things do you really need to be doing and in what order? Get rid of overwhelm with experts from the publishing industry!

Coaching tips! There is a range of writing and life coaches on the summit, all giving their advice on how to get writing and keep you aligned and focused on your goals so that you can achieve your writing dreams.

These interviews are REAL, short and to the point CONVERSATIONS people for whom writing, and helping other write, really is at the core of their lives! The strategies and tips and insights that they’ll be sharing will be invaluable to helping you on the road to really creating a writing life.

I’ll see you there!


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    1. Nice! I had such a good time with the interview. Did you listen to the first one?