Sunday, April 30, 2017

Writing Prompt: The Photo Prompt: What Happened Here?

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a photo prompt. Write whatever comes to mind, be it a description, a story, or even a poem.

Write something inspired by this photo. 




  1. I thought I'd exercise my imagination on this photo prompt, but I'm no Shakespeare. ;-)
    Looking down upon this scene
    It's easy to see where the car has been.
    But did it skid, or move as planned,
    Was the steering wheel grabbed by an unseen hand?
    What could have caused the car to swerve,
    Too much alcohol, or loss of nerve?
    And that line of footsteps close together,
    is that because of the inclement weather?
    Setting out from the driver side
    Being careful not to slide,
    They show no sign of haste or hurry
    Etched as they are in the icy slurry.
    Staring at the single one-way track,
    I wonder 'Will its owner be back'?
    No answers can I find.
    As dark thoughts fill my mind,
    And I sit in isolation, all alone,
    Watching the world through the camera on my drone.

    1. Maybe Shakespeare's daughter? Loved it!

  2. Curly-Qs and Loopy-loops. Firestone tires running amok.