Friday, April 07, 2017

Struggling With Your Plot? Here’s a Fun Way to Learn Story Structure

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

I'm on the road today over at Writers in the Storm talking about the benefits of using an editorial map to learn from your favorite books. Come on over and say hello!

Here's a sneak peek:
When I was first learning how to write a novel, I read tons of how-to books and tried every piece of writing advice I came across. Some of it helped, some of it didn’t, and some of it did more harm than good. Luckily, I survived the experience and maintained not only my love of writing, but my enjoyment of analyzing the writing process.

One trick I’ve found particularly useful, is studying my favorite novels to see how the authors created them. I have several novels on my shelves with highlighted text, notes in the margins, and even post-it notes with thoughts and observations. They’re like my independent study course on novel writing.
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