Friday, March 10, 2017

Should You Give Up On Your Novel and Write Something New?

I'm visiting the folks at Romance University this week, sharing thoughts and tips on how to know if you should give up on your novel and write something new. Come on over and say hello!

Here's a sneak peek...
Right after my third novel was published (2011), I hit a bad patch of writing. My muse had gone vacation, every sentence I typed was a battle, and writing became a chore I dreaded. Although it felt like giving up, I shifted my writing focus to nonfiction until telling stories became fun again. Eventually it did, but it took years.

I wrote a lot of so-so novels during that time. Every single one had an idea I loved, but they need a lot of revising and overhauling to make them work, and I’m not sure if revising them yet again is a good idea or not.

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