Friday, August 12, 2016

Crafting Worlds at the Space Coast Comic Con in September

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

If you like comics, cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, and fun, and are looking for something to do in September, come visit me and my fellow panel mates at the Space Coast Comic Con in Cocoa, Florida (that's near the Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida for the non-locals). We'll be talking about magical worlds and how to create them.With me on the panel are: Jaimie Engle, Ryan Gish, Keith Rommel, and E. J. Wenstrom.

You'll also find us in the vendor room behind stacks of our books and fun giveaways. Stop by to grab the latest copy, get a signed book, or just to say hello!

Where: Space Coast Convention Center, 301 Tucker Ln, Cocoa, FL 32926
When: September 9-11, 2016
Time: My panel is at 2pm on Saturday, September 10

The Panel: Crafting Magical Worlds

Where does magic come from? How is it powered? What are its limits? From Middle-Earth to Bon Temps to Hogwarts, every magical world has its own answers to these questions. Magical words are complex, each with their own history and rules. On this panel of four imaginative fantasy authors from the Space Coast region, fans will get a behind-the-scenes look as the pros share their creative processes and what drives the development of--and inspires--these unique fantasy worlds across a range of fantasy subgenres from epic to urban to horror.

Panel Members:

Jaimie Engle is an award-winning author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction books from the Space Coast of Florida. Engle has published several award-winning books and spoken to tens of thousands of kids across the country about their part in bullying.

Ryan Gish’s critically acclaimed debut novel, Enthralled, was inspired by his close group of friends, although the characters are complete works of fiction. He currently lives in Florida with his three children.

Janice Hardy is the author of The Shifter, Blue Fire, and Darkfall from Balzer+Bray/Harper Collins. She's also the founder of Fiction University, a site dedicated to helping writers improve their craft, and the author of Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure, a self-guided workshop for planning or revising a novel.

Keith Rommel is an award winning author of ten novels and is an award-winning screenwriter. His writing has been called, "Horror for the curious mind." His first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production, nearing release for 2016.

E. J. Wenstrom is a fantasy and science fiction author living in Cape Canaveral, FL. Her debut novel Mud, the first in the Chronicles of the Third Realm War series was released by City Owl Press in March 2016. She writes for websites about comics, writing and geek culture—find her bylines in Panels, The Mary Sue, DIYMFA, and more.

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