Sunday, June 12, 2016

Writing Prompt: The Free Write: Ocean Adventure

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a free write, so take the seed below and run with it. It doesn’t have to turn into anything (unless you want it to, of course), just let the words flow and see where they go.

Continue this opening sentence:

The ocean waves swirled around the rocks along the shore.

Write as much or as little as you’d like.


  1. The stench of it overwhelmed my olfactory, and my lunch came to the daylight.
    "Let's pitch the tent leeward," Gerty suggested.
    I concurred wiping spittle and tears.

  2. The ocean waves swirled around the rocks along the shore. The early morning mist was lifting up over the shore as the warm sun rose majestically over the horizon. The thunderous sound of crashing waves against the rocks reminded me of similar waves that crashed against the hull of that mighty attack aircraft carrier as jets roared off her deck, flying over an Asian country, only to return five hundred pounds lighter. But today was not the day to remember a past that brought more sorrow than fulfilment.
    I woke up early, ready to fulfil this new day with sunshine, happiness, and maybe, at least on my part, a little (more) romance. Before making my way to the edge of this magnificent shoreline, I inched my way out of bed, stood next to it with outstretched arms and rotated them, flopping them across my chest to excite all the muscles and joints that had been resting peacefully throughout the night. They hated when I woke them, but if I did not, it would be a precarious balancing act to the bathroom.
    When I finished with my swirling arms and bathroom routine, I walked to the kitchen to brew my first cup of coffee of the day––a grisly task––placing the k-cup in the holder and pressing the “brew” button, remembering to put my coffee cup under the spout.

    ***Sorry, have to go, company from Texas knocking on the door!***

  3. The ocean waves swirled around the rocks along the shore in patterns of unnatural geometry, and the salt mist reeked like burning pitch. No natural sun ever shone such a sickly grey - the hue of malign enchantment. The mage was gaining on us.

    I raced across the beach and skidded to a halt before the maw of the tide pool. My flesh recoiled against such a monstrous violation of the natural law - for the pool contained no sea water, only darkness and void. Rivulets of sand and tiny shore-creatures seeped over the gaping edge, tumbling into the fathomless hole at my feet. I clutched the tiny scroll closer to my chest.

    A strained cry sounded behind me - I spun to see Edras fall to his knees on the sandbank as a surge of sorcerous thunder crashed behind him.

    "Jump!" he shouted, shuddering as the weight of our pursuer's enchantment sapped his strength. "I can hold him back no longer. Jump now, my friend!"

    May the gods protect all thieves and madwomen. I closed my eyes and jumped into the void.