Sunday, February 28, 2016

Writing Prompt: The Photo Prompt: Uninvited Guests

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a photo prompt. Write whatever comes to mind, be it a description, a story, or even a poem.

Write something inspired by this photo. 




  1. Busy is the little bug who scurries amongst the flowers,
    Spring is finally in the air and so are April showers.
    On six strong legs he'll hunt for food,
    Or sleep in the sun if that's his mood.

  2. ‘Are you sure?’
    ‘Yep – pretty sure.’
    ‘You don’t sound sure. How sure?’
    ‘I’m pretty sure. I’m ninety percent sure.’
    ‘So you’re not a hundred percent sure. That means there’s a 10 percent chance this is not the right place.’
    ‘Well it looks right. And smells right.’
    ‘Eric, there’s s’posed to be an infestation here. At the moment there’s you and me. We are not an infestation. An infestation is hundreds and hundreds of bugs – not two.’
    ‘Well Sheldon told me it was here, and it was today. Maybe the others are on their way.’
    ‘Eric, I neither see nor hear anyone else for miles around. Bees don’t count, and ladybugs are having their own get together. What exactly did Sheldon say?’
    ‘He said today. First day of March.’
    ‘Oh good grief Eric! It’s not the first day of March today! It’s the second.’
    ‘Maybe he said the first week of March. It’s the first week of March right?’
    ‘What else did your cousin say?’
    ‘He said we’d all meet on the flower that has twelve petals.’
    Oh good grief Eric – this flower has thirteen petals. We’re not even on the right flower!’
    ‘Twelve, thirteen – what difference does it make? At least we’re on the white flower.’
    White! White! This flower is yellow – are you coloured-blind! Can’t you tell white from yellow. White is like a cloud, yellow is like the sun. So Eric – we’ve flown 3,500 miles for the biggest infestation of the year in Miss Hardy’s garden and you’ve managed to land us on the wrong flower on the wrong day. Are you even sure this is Miss Hardy’s garden?’
    ‘Claud, calm down a bit. What’s the big deal? You never really like infestations anyway. All that pushing and shoving and crawling over one another. During the last plague you said it gave you the heebie-jeebies.’
    ‘I didn’t say “heebie-jeebies”, I said “creeps”. Creeps is different from heebie-jeebies.
    ‘Well you can be thankful that you have neither the creeps nor the heebie-jeebies. And you can thank me for that.’
    ‘This has been a complete and utter waste of time. And you are a complete waste of space Eric. What are we going to do now?’
    ‘Claude relax. Here comes Miss Hardy now. I’m sure she’ll have some suggestions on what we can do.’