Sunday, August 09, 2015

Writing Prompt: Color Me This

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a story starter, so take the element provided and turn it into a story of any length you choose. If you’re stuck on size, I suggest aiming for 1000-2000 words.

Write something inspired by:

Colors of the rainbow

Use this as an idea, a theme, an image, or even the first few words of the story if they spark something. The prompt is wide open this week, so have fun with it.

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  1. Men had died and their blood stained the earth. Soldiers on both sides were sick and tired they muttered it could not get worse to the approaching storm.

    Lightening and thunder slowed the battle and men cowered in fear in the trenches they had dug, pelted by freezing rain and golf ball sized hail.

    Darkness descended at the end of day a cloak of madness as the conflict continued men hurled deadly metal and explosives at each other with the intention to kill. The gibbous moon rose above the battle field Bayard had called the storm to blot out the sky.

    Soldiers groaned in pain and could be heard even through the roar of rain.

    "Look,” someone cried, he stood pointing and by a miracle was not shot. His silhouette etched against the sky pointing atop the death and destruction of another of humanities silly battles.

    A ball of blue tinted tightly knotted rainbows spun in a small crack in the storm clouds that allowed the moon light to filter to earth. The men below stared with dead and tired eyes at the atmospheric wonder. A sparkle of ghostly light blotted the pearly blue rainbows for a moment when out of the silent light a winged horse erupted from the rainbow ball.

    Dazzling rays of light flashed from his great wings that scoured the earth like search beams across the living, dead and dying. The ghostly image wavered and died, men cried in fear and hope.

    A silence more intense than a graveyard bled across the battlefield, men threw down their weapons and walked away while others muttered prayers their eyes burning with passion believing that this was the sign of their success.

    Bayard on the command hill not far from the battle watched proceedings and used his magic to stop the rain. “Please instruct the daemons to appear.” His attendant fawns bowed low and ran to do his bidding, in the eerie darkness and swirling mist a melancholy note sounded from a rams horn.

    Green ghostly lights rose from the ground between the two armies, horrible figures stalked across the battlefield illuminated by the light. Shots rang out yet no earthly bullets stopped their advance, men dropped dead in fright and more ran for their lives.

    The daemons whispered in unholy voices about sunshine and home that caused men’s eyes to glaze in longing, frozen in the cursed visions of inhuman creatures. The daemons spoke to the dead and living alike, breaking apart feuding spirits bound in immortal combat, fighting each other despite being freed from their physical bodies.

    “Bayard have you entered an unearthly alliance with the daemon world?”I cautiously ventured to ask.

    He continued to watch the battle without comment.

    A daemon rose from the ground in front of us, “Bayard,” The daemon’s voice echoed, ‘The plan works,” It had a bird like face on an all to human body with insect like arms and legs and was not very talkative.

    Bayard and the Daemon shared some secret I could see it in the tense silence between them.

    "We move to the next phase,” is climbed from the ground and towered over us ghostly and grotesque and stalked on it insect like legs toward the battlefield.

    “Bayard,what are you doing?” I asked well almost demanded without being disrespectful. The old horse would not tolerate disrespect.

    “There is more at stake than just gods and their desire to rule,” He answered me with a deep stare.

    A fawn interrupted and unrolled a scroll for Bayard he nodded I could not see what it said and held my curiosity at bay not everything was as open to me as I had hoped.

    “Tysoe I wanted you innocent of this war but look at us. The daemons and the creatures of Olympus working together for a common cause. Humans have become pawns in a bigger picture of the desire of the gods to rule over mankind, the gods are blinded thinking they are the only stakeholders. Intrigue and deception will rule the conflict, our game play is better aligned with creatures of vested interests than taking chances on our own.”I nodded at his explanation.