Sunday, July 26, 2015

Writing Prompt: Free Write!

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a free write, so take the line below and run with it. It doesn’t have to turn into anything, just let the words flow and see where they go.

Continue this opening sentence:

Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere.

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  1. Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere. I hate standing in lines. I did anyway because when the bubble ride comes to the fair, its just what you do. It was a total of 4 hours 23 minutes and now it's finally your turn. Then what happens. The bubble machine breaks. Why is it always me? Then I discovered this is why I woke up this morning and couldn't make myself leave my camera behind as I usually do. I took it with me. The same with the expensive 14mm lens that actually sees behind itself. It's true, if you look at the specs the field of vision is 181 degrees! That is one-half degree behind the lens each side. This is why it commands a $2100 price tag as well. It's razor sharp and light barely falls off on the edges. I was able to capture the bubbles like no one else. My Instagram account blew itself up that day. The bubble day of my life when everything came together. I was finally able to get over the abuse my father and mother did to me as a child. The burnings and whippings. The cold nights in the basement. Rope burns. All of these, I put into all of the bubbles. It was a tight fit for some of them. But they all fit into all the bubbles and floated miles away that day and then burst. They dropped my hurts all over the Kinishes' radishes and sweet corn. Sure, I had to by canned food that year but I didn't care. I didn't hurt anymore and that's all that mattered. When I close my eyes at night...bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

  2. Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere, none left for me to pop.

    My big mean brother stabs em all, they have no chance to drop.

    He looks at me and laughs and my mom just rolls her eyes.

    My dad looks on with pity as his baby girl just cries.

    Little does my brother know...he's in for such a treat!

    I refuse to throw my towel down and admit to my defeat.

    When I cleaned the bathrooms just this morning, his toothbrush met my toilet.

    If someone would just warn him, I'm sure he'd stop and boil it.

    Should I?....NAAAAAH!