Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the Winner of the Story Idea Contest is...

This week's winner was chosen at random by the random number gods, and I was glad so many tried the writing prompts anyway. Hopefully the exercises helped you tighten (or find) your own stories in your current WIPs.

I also hope you guys write some of these books (grin). Lots of cute ideas in the bunch that I'd totally buy.

And the winner is...

Caylaand Ashley Bleoaja

Caylaand Ashley Bleoaja, just contact me at janice (@) janicehardy (dot) com for your critique.

Grats and fantastic job to everyone!

Here are a few of my favorite blurbs:

Myka Reede

Thankfully, everyone ignores Louiza “Lou” Rolland – exactly how she prefers it. When her classmates do acknowledge her existence, it’s usually “Here sooey-Louie” or some other fatso joke. She finds comfort in their heckling. It makes her feel safe and, more importantly, forgettable.

She learned years before that the perfect way to hide in plain sight was to appear as a chubby, awkward teenage girl. Sure, she could transform herself into a jaw-dropping, homecoming beauty, but that’s the problem – by mere thought, she can manipulate her appearance to impersonate anyone. If the world discovers her ability, every government agency and crime cartel would hunt her down, just like her mother and generations of ‘cloners’ before her.

Then, a hit-and-run accident leaves Lou badly injured along the side of the road, and Jonathan Hunter, the captain of the high school football team, finds her shifting uncontrollably between multiple facades. Since no one can find her father, Jonathan and his family nurse her back to health and shower her with an unconditional love that she hasn’t experienced since her mother’s death.

Yet, the one bad night descends into a living nightmare as Lou learns that someone would rather kill her than exploit her, her father sits at the top of the suspect list, and the police detective knows more about her mother than she does. Oh, and to make matters worse, Jonathan just asked her to the prom.

Caylaand Ashley Bleoaja

Great suggestions! I have an entry based off of "A girl named Lou who isn't what she appears to be." It's not much (probably because I'm more of a pantser than a planner. I like to discover my story and worlds as I go). Here it goes!

Lou Starr isn’t who she appears to be. She is a thirteen-year-old genius and lives on an island. All she has is a father, a brother, and a lighthouse. Lou lives a double life. As soon as the sun sets, she changes. And nobody knows who she’ll become. With a new identity comes a new set of memories, and Lou struggles to remember who, out of the hundreds of others, is really her.

One night, when Lou – the rebel punk– is writing her new memories in a notebook, a ship sinks. The lighthouse lights flash and illuminate the vessel inside the churning sea. The only survivor is a fourteen-year-old girl, a rebel punk. Who changes personalities after dark.

Together, the two girls use Lou’s notebook to scratch the dust off a mystery older than they are. And more important than they would dare to imagine.


Being a cat with eleven toes, half a tail, and a prickly temper does not make for many garbage can dining invites, especially when you’ve got most the pet cemetery trailing after you, wailing about century-old waterbowls. But Pinky Kipper has her eyes on something bigger anyway: Rip Van Rugger, a sleek half tiger living in an NBA player’s mansion. The top of the kitty heap. And also someone who wouldn’t give Pinky the time of day, except for one thing: he’s haunted by Kuba’s Khan’s ghost. And Kuba is not as petty or insubstantial as Pinky’s ghosts. Pinky is about to make Rip an offer he can’t refuse… Pinky just hopes she’ll survive it.

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  1. Thank you so much, Janice!

    Myka Reede's book idea was my favorite, but they were all creative and fun to read!