Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Author or Blogger Would You Like to Hear From?

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

I'm gearing up to schedule guest posts for the second half of the year, and I thought it would be fun to get some recommendations from you guys. I know which writers I like, but there are so many author and bloggers out there I haven't stumbled across yet, especially in genres I don't read. And I love having guests who discuss genre-specific things I know nothing about. That's the whole point of having guests! New information and new perspectives. 

So now's your chance to request authors or bloggers you'd love to see on the blog. If you have particular topics you'd like them to write about (like if they do something that blows you away or you admire), just let me know and I can suggest it as a possible post if they're interested.

Of course, there are no guarantees here, since not every person I contact responds let alone says yes, but I've asked a few "pie in the sky dream guests" of mine for this year and some did say yes. (squeee!) You never know who has the time or the inclination to do a guest post. I figure it never hurts to ask.

The phones are open and operators are standing by to take your requests! 


  1. I have quite a few favorite author-bloggers who's opinion I always love to read. But frankly, I'd much rather read more new posts from you. ;)

  2. Veronica, aw, thanks! Gonna make me blush. I'll still have new posts, don't worry. This is just for my regular Wednesday column. :)

  3. While I don't have a request for a particular author, I do have a request for help with a particular problem. Have you done (or could you do) a post on how to weave description of character actions with what's going on in their head? I'm stuck on a scene in my current WIP where the main character is fleeing an embarrassing situation, and I want to show both the actions involved in her leaving with what's going on in her head. Every time I write it, it reads like too much interior monologue without enough action. If you've addressed this issue on your site before, would you mind directing me to the post? Or if you know of a particular book that addresses it, could you give me the title? Thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE your blog!

  4. Like above, I don't have a specific blogger in mind for this one, but I have a topic idea. Tips to make your male character sound like a guy (and vice versa). There are a few posts dealing with dialog, but it has been a while. For a different take, I would be interested in tips related to creating a more believable male (and female) POV by using realistic internal thoughts/motivations/self-talk and include resource links for further insights.

    Do you know any pyschology professors?

  5. Besides more new posts from you, perhaps a blogging agent like Sara Crowe or authors like Rachel Hartman. I also follow the blog of Theodora Goss. She has brilliant things to say about mythology. (

  6. I love Jennifer Nielsen, Kiki Hamilton, Sarah Maas, Veronica Rossi to name a few. And Lin's idea to have some agents guest post like your awesome agent or Rachel Hartman would be cool.

    And yes, I love your posts too.

  7. No one new to add, but I do love when Tiffany guest posts here. Be sure to keep her in the rotation!

  8. Hi...Authors who are amazing: Dia Reeves, Laini Taylor, and Courtney Summers. Poet: Anis Mojgani. Bloggers who know what they like in their reading, and what they don't like!: TheBookSmugglers, and Cuddlebuggery. xx

  9. I'd like to hear from the blogger Jurgen Wolff who writes at Time To Write, please, he always seems to have useful tips on creativity. I especially struggle with being able to keep my focus.

  10. I'd like to see Kim Harrison, Marjorie M. Liu, and Carrie Vaughn.

  11. I also love your posts, Janice. I would love to see a guest post by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga.

  12. I just finished Leigh Bardugo's Shadow & Bone and loved the story and her style. Don't know if she'd be interested but it would be fun to hear from her. Of course, I always get a lot out of your posts too!

  13. I agree with Heather - Leigh Bardugo would be awesome.
    I love so many authors. :D
    Holly Smale, Merissa Meyer, Julie Kagawa, Alison Croggon, Josephine Angelini, anyone else.

  14. I'm not even sure if he has a blog, but my favorite author is Brandon Mull, who wrote the Fablehaven series and the Beyonders series. It would be so so so cool if you could invite him! You don't have to, just a suggestion. I also love Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia (authors of Beautiful Creatures series) and Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson series). :)

  15. Tia Nevitts and Patricia Wrede are two bloggers that I really enjoy, and it would be fun to see them here. And -well she doesn't have a blog, but have you ever considered interviewing Vivian Vande Velde? She is an absolutely amazing author. (If you haven't read her work, you should consider looking her up.)

    Also, than you for all the writing advice you've been giving. I don't always comment, but I always appreciate what you have to say.

  16. Hello! I'd love to hear from Laini Taylor because of her strength in writing language: how she develops her writing or how to develop an ear for poetic writing (if it's even possible). And how does she create her unique and strange characters?

    Also, I'd love to hear from Shannon Hale because of her strength in character arc/growth (and well, pretty much everything else like plot, language, story structure - how does she do all this so amazingly well?!)

    And of course, more of your posts!

  17. Veronica Roth, Lauren Oliver, Rick Riordan. And for bloggers, maybe the ladies at The Bookshelf Muse.

  18. It'd be great to see a post by Hannah Moskowitz. She's awesome.

  19. It'd be nice to hear from some more middle grade authors in general.

    Specifically Madelyn Rosenberg

    Her first MG novel (Her first books were picture books), Canary in the Coal Mine, combines two annoyingly hard to sell genres, animal fantasy and historical fiction, both favorites of mine. (No puns intended)

    It just came out, I'd discovered it in one of the online publisher's catalogs I read (Market research)

    As far as more "dreamy" requests-

    Michael Hoeye
    If I had a book shop, I'd be handselling his Hermux Tantamoq series to anyone and everyone I could.

    I really hope he's not dead. It's been so long since his last book.

    Tor Seidler
    His books inspired so many of mine, one of which will be published soon, I'd love to thank him, if only virtually, but I'd still liked to get my books signed before it's too late.

    Beth Kephart
    She's of the few YA authors I really relate to. She's also the only writer I know of who
    I share some similar non-writing views with.

    I know, no guarantees, but you asked, I answered, and if nothing else, I hope more readers discover them.

  20. Dianne Salerni is a fairly new author whose book The Caged Graves comes out next month. She also recently signed a 3 book deal with Harper Collins for an MG series. I've read the first book and it is awesome! She also teaches 5th grade so she'd be a great MG author to have. Wouldn't mind seeing Laini Taylor here, either :)

  21. Awesome suggestions, guys, thanks!

    Myka, I don't, but the Character Therapist fit's that, so she'd make a nice guest.

    Rachel, I love Tiffany's posts, too. She'll continue her monthly spots, so no worries there.

    Yeti, I've been wanting to get some reviewers on actually. See what life on the other side is like. Could offer some interesting perspectives.

    I have a lot of emails to write! Fingers crossed I get some takers.

  22. I would like to hear from the same authors that Monica Shortell suggested. Add to that C.C. Hunter, Tananarive Due and Nnedi Okorafor.