Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi all! I'm back, and it was a nice break to get away from the online world for a while. Okay, I'm lying, the first few days I was going mad, but by the end it was indeed good to recharge the mental batteries. And I got ton of writing done, so that was nifty.

Anyway, I'm shocked and honored by all the comments for the random critique contest! I really wasn't expecting so many. Thanks for all your kind words and support. In fact, because I got so many I'll pick a THIRD winner just for funsies.

And now...

The winners of April's Random Critique Contest...

(how long can I drag this out? Is anyone even still reading or have they skipped down? This is a great place for a post break)

The winners are:

Natalie Aguirre





Grats Natalie, Jo-Ann, and PBuff! The random generator gods favored you this month. Just e-mail me at janice (at) to claim your critique. And again, there's no time limit on sending in those 1000 words, but please let me know that you know you've won.

I'm enjoying these random contests, so I'm going to keep doing them. Next one is a random day in May. Oh hey, I think I'll use my trusty random number generator right now and see which day in May it will be. The next one will be back to the one-day-only type.

Grats again to the winners, and good luck on next month's contest!


  1. Welcome back to blogland... and congrats to all the winners!! :)

  2. Squeeee!

    I am so. excited. right. now.

    Janice, you rock! Thank you so very very much. Will contact you personally.

  3. I'm so excited to win Janice. Thanks so much!

  4. And Congrats to the other winners. I forgot to say that in my excitement.

  5. Welcome back - we missed you!! A break from Internetland sounds really good, though. I ought to try it sometime - just not from your blog! ;-)

  6. Congratulations to the winners! And if you want to be SURE you get a critique from Janice in May, she kindly put up a 3-chapter critique on the Pens for Paws Auction. The auction runs from May 7-May 13, so be sure to tune in and bid!

  7. Oooh, congratulations winners!

  8. Wow - nearly jumped out of my chair when I read my name. This has been a great weekend for me. First I had a workshop with Ellen Hopkins and now this. I feel so honored.
    Thank you Janice - not only for the chance to get some awesome feedback on my wip but also for how much you give back.

  9. Congrats to the winners! So very awesome. And I'm so happy to have a Janice-blog to read every day again. Definitely missed you!

  10. Thanks guys! Oh, and I need to post a reminder about Pens for Paws today. :)