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Friday, February 25

A Reminder

For those in the Atlanta,GA area, I'll be speaking and signing books at the Avenue Forsyth Barnes & Noble on February 26, at 2-3pm, so come on down and say hello.

It's during B&N's Exceptional Child Week, which is a week-long event from February 26 - March 4 that celebrates local schools, reading and books. I was there last year and had a great time. They really put on a wonderful show with lots of fun things for guests to see and do.


  1. Thats a bit far for a southern California gal like me, but I wish you a wonderful day...what a great cause.

  2. I'm in the Uk, but wishing you a great day

  3. Thanks guys! t was lot of fun. Hopefully some day I'll be able to do a signing in your necks of the woods ;)