Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 3

 Here's where I am in the world today:

Wednesday, October 6

The Enchanted Inkpot 
An interview with moi. With some new thoughts on process and how your real life can influence your writing style.

Killer Fiction Writers
We All Need a Little Mystery
Finding -- and putting in -- mystery to your story even if it's not a "mystery."

Reverie Book Reviews
Going Once, Going Twice...
Things I learned about writing a sequel and tips to avoid the hassles I ran into.

Addicted to Books
Edits Vs. Revisions: A One on One Death Match
The difference between an edit and a revision, and how you can mentally prepare yourself for rewrites.

I'm going to have a great "what I learned from doing a blog tour" post at the end of this. I'm finding out a lot of cool stuff.


  1. Wow, you've been busy! And the month just started. :)
    All great posts. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Sorry for the delay Janice. It's up now. I'll be sure to come back and check out the others. :)

  3. No worries, Angie. With bogs you never know what time zone someone is in :) I have it up now, and thanks for having me over!

    Lydia, there's lots of good stuff planned for the month. I may have bitten off about as much as I can chew, but it's been fun :)

  4. Thanks for letting The Enchanted Inkpot be a host to you on your blog tour for Blue Fire!

  5. Great stuff so far!
    I'm looking forward to your visit to Second Star!

  6. In your interview at The Enchanted Inkpot I really liked the point you made about how in Blue Fire you treated the previous story as if it was backstory. Your approach never occurred to me, I imagine for someone writing a series that would be good advice about how to tackle what to show/leave out/allude to.
    - Sophia.

  7. I'm enjoying your blog tour and am getting to the ones I can. This is a super crazy week and I'm getting ready for a SCBWI conference. And my daughter just twisted her ankle. So I might not get to all of them. But I'm so happy for you.

  8. I'll be at SCBWI as well. I'm working at the registration booth on Sat from 7:30 - 8am, so if you check in then come by and say hello. Or if you spot me throughout the day :) Sorry about your poor daughter ;( I hope it gets better soon.

    Sophia, that approach kinda came to me out the blue as I was banging my head against the keyboard. But it worked!