Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Guess Who Had Time to Read Her Blogs Today

I'm a big blog fan, and have probably twenty I read every day, and another dozen I check once a week (they don't post daily). It takes some time to read them all, so when I'm busy, this is often the first thing that gets set aside. Shifter 2 copy edits went out the door yesterday (YAY!) so today I've been catching up. A large percentage is about Amazon's Macmillian fiasco, but there were a few really great posts I highly recommend.

TalkToYoUniverse has a fabulous post on point and view and the words you use to create it. Juliette has the best way of talking about POV I've ever seen, and I love it when she gets into the nitty gritty. She's the only one I've ever met who can so succinctly say why one POV feels differently from another.

Agent Rachelle Gardener asks whether or not you need a book trailer, which is quite enlightening. Make sure to read the article she links to that shows a strong con view.

Mystery Writing is Murder has a delightful post about getting rid of the boring stuff your characters do. I thought about rifting off her idea and doing a post on this myself, but she says it so well it anything I did would just be redundant.

I haven't forgotten today is Wednesday (well, actually I did when I woke up. I've been thinking every day was Monday all week for some reason) and I'll have a Re-Write Wednesday post up later.

And just because I'm mean, I'm getting soooo close to be able to show you Shifter 2 cover art!


  1. I got your book in the mail the yesterday and as soon as I am done with the another new book I picked up yours will be up! I can't wait! I am really excited to start reading it!

    I look forward to Re-Write Wednesday!

  2. Thanks! I hope you like it :)

  3. Good links. I've recently started following Juliette's blog, and I've found it very useful.

    It's been hard to find posts lately not dealing with "A vs. M", but you've been particularly fruitful in tat regard.

  4. Nice links. I'm already following two of them.

    I'm looking forward to when I can reserve a copy of Shifter 2 at my local bookstore. The first one was well worth getting in hardcover. I'm sure book 2 will be just as great.

  5. Thanks! I don't have any dates yet but I'll post them when I do.