Monday, October 19, 2009

A Whole New Universe

My good friend and crit buddy Dario Ciriello just launched his very own micro press called Panverse Publishing, and the first science fiction and fantasy anthology is out. Panverse One.

Panverse One isn't your typical anthology though. It focuses on novellas, those too-long-for-a-magazine, too-short-for- a-book stories that have a hard time finding homes in today's publishing world. Already getting good reviews, Panverse One fills a niche that has been lacking.

If you're a fan of the novella, either to read or to write, take a peek at both Panverse Publishing and Panverse One. Panverse Two is already in the works and accepting submissions, and you can find all the info on the Panverse website (and find an easy click to buy button and previews of the stories).

More writing stuff tomorrow, promise! How does tips for writing a one-line summary sound?


  1. As somebody who has never been able to write one-line summaries that don't sound incredibly goofy, I think that would be a fine topic.

    Just out of curiosity, at what point do you find out how well The Pain Merchants(/The Shifter) is doing? I've always wondered whether first-time authors are just sort of left hanging in limbo after release day, or whether you get updates or what. Personally, I wouldn't be happy without a constantly-updating RSS feed and some real-time graphs, but that's just me :P

  2. I'm updated weekly (at least on The Shifter, the UK stuff is different and I don't know how it's doing over there), though the current tracker (Bookscan) only gets about 60% of the sales. They don't track every store. The hard part is looking at those numbers and knowing what they mean :) There's no context for it, so I had to ask to know if they're good numbers or not. So far, I'm told it's good, so let's hope that keeps up!

  3. I heard about this anthology through Juliette Wade. LOVE IT! I'm glad I have an option for my novellas now. And, a side point, the cover art on that is FABULOUS. Great job!

  4. Ronald J. McIsaac10/22/2009 1:04 AM

    Thanks, Janice. I'm submitting my 38,000-word novella in a few days. I just need to format it. Fingers crossed.

  5. -crossing fingers- Best of luck!