Friday, October 30, 2009

On Top of the World

I'm writing this from San Jose, CA in my lovely hotel room at the Fairmont Hotel. I'm at World Fantasy this weekend, and in just a little while Ill be heading downstairs for the first day of fun.

Since I have internet access, I'll be updating and talking about the convention while I'm here over at The Healing Wars blog, so head on over and take a peek.

I'll be back here gabbing about that word stuff on Tuesday.


  1. Glad to know you're having fun, Janice. I was wondering (and I hope I don't sound stupid for asking) if you could shed some light into these particular sentences: "His face contorted with pain" or "His face contorted in pain". It's been doing my head in recently. I read a couple of books and they had similar sentences but interchanged "with" with "in". Surely there must be a correct way and a wrong way ... or are both correct?

  2. Never a stupid question here, ask anything you want. For me, it's a matter of POV (and what sounds right to my ear), but let me check with my grammar gurus and get back to you. :)