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Sunday, July 26

Freeze Frame

Okies, Glen wanted pictures from my vacation, and while I didn't actually take any (I know, I'm a freak that way, but my hubby is getting me a camera for book signings and stuff, so I'll have some later), a writer bud did take a few at the weekend writer's retreat that was before my actual vacation. It's close enough to count, right?

Me and my bud, Birgitte, a fabulous writer and person. She's the cute one on the left. I'm the bedraggled wet one on the right. We got caught in a major thunderstorm, and it was icky and rainy all day.

And then there's the coolest sweatshirt ever. My mother found this for me last Christmas, though I have no idea where. Funny tale, while at the retreat, a woman came up to me on the street and said she had the same shirt. Small world!