Sunday, April 12, 2009

All About...Well, Me and My Book

It's a banner week for me! Not only is my agent talking about me, but blogger and author Tracy Ann Baines asked me for an interview for her blog, Tall Tales & Short Stories. Tracy is also the featured blogger over at the SCBWI UK site (that's the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators).

To top it all off, I also got my ARCs (advanced reader copies) of The Shifter on Friday. They look like real live books! Even better, my editors slipped in an ARC for The Everafter, by my fellow Balzer & Bray debut author, Amy Huntley. I've only read the first few pages so far, but it was hard to put the book down after even just a tiny peek. I can't wait to dive into it! Drat those evil revisions I have to do for Shifter 2!

I may have to read it anyway. I'm sure my editor will understand why I'm late...

P.S. I know I promised a commenter something on world building, and tomorrow's post will cover that. Promise.


  1. I'm glad you're excited about reading THE EVERAFTER. I love the concept for THE SHIFTER and hope I'll get a chance to read it in ARC! Good luck on those evil revisions. They truly can be wicked. I'm madly writing away on a second book (no relationship to THE EVERAFTER). I haven't reached the revisions stages on it yet, but write now that feels like a delicious form of evil, too.

  2. Good luck with your book, it sounds like your off to a good start.


  3. Haha, Congrats on getting the ARC! Did you get more than one? Are you going to do an ARC giveaway contest?! I hope so! Although I never win those, oh well. Anyway, I was the one who requested the world building posts, but I know you're busy so don't worry about it :) But I'm still excited about tomorrow's post!

  4. Good to see you, Amy. I have it from a reliable source that you'll be getting an ARC of THE SHIFTER...

    Thanks Janice! (I meet so few folks with my name)

    Shorty411, I got a few ARCs, but hope to get more so I can do some contests :) I'll keep you posted on any that pop up though. I'm sure those crazy marketing folks have fun things planned.

  5. Well Janice, you were right. My ARC of your book arrived in today's mail. I'm only on page three (had to pause to come let you know it arrived!) I'm loving this opening so far! It's so fun. What a great voice your narrator uses to describe her very unique situation!

  6. Thanks! I finished yours last night. Gushing will ensue shortly :)