Monday, July 21, 2008

Bob and the Zombies: A Summary

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point during the first year of the blog, I wrote an example using Bob, a poor guy dealing with the zombie apocalypse. It was fun, and folks liked it, and it became a thing. So now I bring him out whenever I need an example.

If you're new to Bob, here's a recap to get you up to speed on the basic story:

Bob is married to Sally, a tough woman he was about to ask for a divorce when the undead crawled out of their graves. They went on the run together, trying to survive.

Jane is a woman Bob works with, and is the secret love of his life. He was planning to confess his love for her right after he told Sally their marriage was over. Jane wound up going on the run with them as they fight to survive in this new world.

Jane is meek but sweet, Sally is strong-willed and bossy, and Bob can be a bit of a wuss, but he means well and he's handling the zombies fairly well. Bob has had some very dark thoughts about taking advantage of the zombies and getting rid of Sally: making it look like the zombies got her, actually letting the zombies get her, or abandoning her in the night. Problem is, Sally is the survivalist who's really keeping them all alive and they'd be in serious trouble without her. Let's just say it's complicated.

The trio are making their way across the country getting into trouble when I need them to.

One day I may actually write this book. I'm getting fond of these guys. I even did a detailed synopsis of their story as an example in my writing book, Plotting Your Novel: Ideas and Structure. So I guess I have no excuse not to write it now.

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