Friday, December 06, 2019

Don't Forget to Open Your Advent Window at Writers Helping Writers (Did I Mention the Prizes?)

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Just a reminder that the amazing Advent Calendar for Writers is still chugging away. 14 days of prizes, folks, and you can enter the drawings for all of them if you want.

What the Heck Is an Advent Calendar for Writers?

You know those Advent Calendars that have a delicious chocolate behind each window, counting down to Christmas? Well, it’s like that, only more helpful and less fattening.

Every day from December 1st to December 14th Angela and Becca over at Writers Helping Writers will provide a link to a giveaway just for writers. You click the link, opening the daily “window” and boom, there will be something fabulous you could win. Things such as…

  • Coaching sessions with writing, publishing, and marketing experts
  • Premiere courses to help level up those writing skills
  • Subscriptions to access top writing tools, resources, and communities
  • Editing packages, books, and more!
My giveaway opened the calendar, and you can still enter to win one of my brand-new 12-week online writing workshops (launches in Spring 2020).

Here are the links and the windows already open and the prizes up for grabs:

Dec 1: Write Your First Novel (12-Week Online Workshop with Janice Hardy (valued at $497)
Dec 2: 1-hour Marketing Consult with NYT Bestselling author Eva Lesko Natiello! (valued at $200)
Dec 3: A 12-month subscription to One Stop for Writers (valued at $90)
Dec 4: 1-Year ProWritingAid License (valued at $70)
Dec 5: Outlining Your Novel Software (valued at $40)

Today’s prize:
The Spun Yarn’s Complete Manuscript Feedback Package
Imagine if three veteran beta readers gave you feedback on your complete manuscript, which was then analyzed and curated into a report for you by a seasoned editor. I think we just discovered writing heaven, friends!

At a value of $499, the Complete Manuscript Package is The Spun Yarn‘s most detailed manuscript critique, curated by The Spun Yarn Editor based on full reads from three veteran readers.
Yeah, who doesn't want this one? I wonder if I'm allowed to enter? Hmmm...probably not. But YOU are, so good luck!

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