Wednesday, January 03, 2018

What Can Fiction University Do for You?

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Fiction University celebrates its 10th Anniversary this March. It's changed a lot over those ten years, growing from an author's blog to a site dedicated to helping writers achieve their writing dreams. 

With the new year starting, I decided it was a good time to hear from you guys about what you want from the site and how I can best help you with your writing journey.

If you have a few minutes, please answer this quick 9-question survey about the site and how it can better serve you. I would greatly appreciate the feedback.


ETA: Some folks are having trouble accessing the survey on pads and phones, so here's another link that ought to get you to it. Apologies for that, I didn't know it was a bit twitchy (grin).

Click here to go to the survey if you don't see it below.

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  1. Janice, I can’t see a survey on this page, just a blank space. Is it me? Or my iPad?

  2. Jarm, it worked on my android phone, so something is here...

    Janice, wanted to thank you for all you do! I must have started following you 6 years ago, and you are one of only a few blogs I look forward to constantly. Happy 2018 and I hope it treats you and yours well.

  3. No survey on iPhone 7...Will try IMac. 🙄

  4. It appears to be a bit glitchy (sorry about that), so you might need to use a direct link:

    I've added that to the original post.

  5. I greatly appreciate and use your advice on many problem topics. Thanks!