Thursday, November 30, 2017

Producing Your Books in Audio Part Seven: Marketing

By Angela Quarles, @AngelaQuarles

Part of the Indie Author Series 

For the final post in this series, I'll briefly tackle marketing. You can catch up on the other posts in this series here.

Visibility is always a challenge and with the audiobook market it can be tougher and easier. Tougher because there aren't as many marketing channels, and easier because there's less competition and the Audible lists aren't clogged with scam books.

Tip # 1 - Get promo codes

Audible used to automatically email these to you a couple of days after your story released but they don't seem to do that any more. With my latest release I had some left over from a previous release, so I didn't try emailing them but have heard this works. Their email is

Tip # 2 - Sign up for a listing on

Formerly Audiobook Blast, this is a cheap service that will get your title in front of some listeners. You'll need your promo codes for this, so make sure you have those in hand before you book with them. Every Tuesday they send out an email to their listeners listing that week's titles. You decide who gets your codes and can track them. Not everyone will review but when I did it back in 2016 it was definitely worth it.

Tip # 3 - Retain those reviewers

When audiobookboom listeners reply with their reviews ask them if they'd like to remain on your contact list for future titles. I did this and never had to do another listing.

Tip # 4 - Plan for the long-term

You should also add audio as an option on your ARC signup list on your website (or at least on the form that you share if you don't have that link public). That way when you release another title, you'll have your earlier reviewers plus anyone else you've picked up since then via the form.

Tip # 5 - Ask your newsletter subscribers

These are your fans. Email them and ask if anyone wants to review your title in audio. Use the signup link :) I did this before it was released so I had reviewers ready to email. That way, when it releases your newsletter can be about the release and hopefully drive some sales instead.

Tip # 6 - Reach out to audio bloggers

There aren't a lot of them and many are genre specific but it's a good idea to read their review request guidelines and submit.

Tip # 7 - Post a sample on your website

I've heard some create a clip on Soundcloud and post this on their website.

Tip # 8 - Make sure your ebook and audiobook are linked

This should happen automatically but just make sure that when you visit your ebook product page on Amazon that it shows Audible as one of the format options.

Tip # 9 - Advertise

You can go about this several ways. Anytime you promote your ebook, your audio book will also see sales, especially on a Bookbub run. Also, since the royalties are higher you could also target Audible listeners on Facebook and see a good ROI.

Tip # 10 - Work with your narrator

Some are very much involved on social media and might be willing to post a shout out about your release.


Audible now has a romance subscription service, similar to Kindle Unlimited. It's too early to know how this will pan out--they won't reveal how much the payout will be for each minute listened to. If you write romance, I can't advise you on whether this will aid visibility for your title, but I bring it up so that you are aware of it and can keep an eye on developments. The first payout will not be until February of 2018.

What about you? Have you had any luck with the above or have other suggestions?

Angela Quarles is a USA Today bestselling author of time travel and steampunk romance. Her debut novel Must Love Breeches swept many unpublished romance contests, including the Grand Prize winner of Windy City's Four Seasons contest in 2012. Her steampunk, Steam Me Up, Rawley, was named Best Self-Published Romance of 2015 by Library Journal. Angela loves history, folklore, and family history. She decided to take this love of history and her active imagination and write stories of romance and adventure for others to enjoy. When not writing, she's either working at the local indie bookstore or enjoying the usual stuff like gardening, reading, hanging out, eating, drinking, chasing squirrels out of the walls, and creating the occasional knitted scarf.

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