Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog Tour Stop: How Your Narrative Distance Affects Show, Don't Tell

Hi gang!

Today's stop on the Better Fiction Blog Tour visits Romance University to show How Your Narrative Distance Affects Show, Don't Tell (with another chance to enter to win a ten-page critique). Come on over and say hello!

Note: It's up! Just a technical glitch, but all is well and you can head on over.

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  1. This may seem an odd question, but I'm having issues with Rafflecopter. I thought it was possible to comment and enter at each "blog stop," but Rafflecopter is telling me I have 1 entry and not allowing me to register any more. Am I missing something? Cookies in my browser or something? Thanks, and I'm really enjoying the posts!

    1. It's not you, I thought that same thing when I setup the contest, and apparently I misunderstood how it worked. Rafflecopter only lets you have one entry per contest. Sorry about that!

  2. Hello, The link to the article is no longer working so may I ask if you have a copy of it I would be able to look at please. Thanks, Ash

    1. Unfortunately, that site is no longer around. But here's a post on this site on the same topic:

    2. Its a shame the website has gone but thank you for the link. I must also add that your website is a treasure trove of information for aspiring authors (myself included) and is, I think, the number 1 website on writing fiction.

    3. It really is. They were one of my favorites for years. Aw, thank you!

      Um (she begins sheepishly), at the risk of sounding tacky, The Write Life is actually taking nominations for the top writing blogs. You could mention that to them if you'd like :) I'd certainly appreciate it.

    4. Thank you for the link: also you have an amazing website, a real treasure trove for (aspiring) writers.

    5. Most welcome, and thanks so much!