Sunday, July 05, 2015

Writing Prompt: The Holiday Chain Story

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

For some holiday weekend fun, this week’s prompt is a chain story! I’ll write down the first line, someone else will comment and build off that line. Next commenter will build off that line, and so on.

In the event of two commenters posting at the same time and sending the story in different directions, just pick the line you like best, or try to incorporate both if can.

This probably wasn’t what the founding fathers had in mind.

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  1. Last time I read my text book, the united states won our freedom from the british with the declaration of independence and the revolutionary war.
    However, a quick trip with our new time machine made it clear that someone along the line really screwed up the story.

  2. Through a slight miscalculation, we went back farther than we intended, to a time when our forefathers were smoking peace pipes with the Indians and wondering if they had made the biggest mistake of their lives.

  3. I sat down among the men and studied the faces so familiar from history books. George W sat a bit apart from the rest, looking anxious. 'I don't know, I'm just a farmer,' he mumbled to himself.
    'That's what we all are, George. Ceptin' we're American farmers and that means we can do more than plough a straight furrow.' There was a general nod of approval but I noticed several Indians exchange worried looks
    'Mind you, Tom's not a farmer, are you Tom? And Ben...?'

  4. "Oh, I farm things," said Ben. "Just not farms."
    Everyone laughed, even George.

  5. Ben extended his hand, palm up. A once shiny now blackened key rested there. "I'll trade you this key kissed by the gods for that parcel of land we are sitting on."

  6. A smile broke Chief Thunder Cloud's face in two. His companions giggled as the Chief took the key from Ben. Ben hoped the giggles were the result of the pipe smoking. He watched as the Chief sniffed the key and then nodded agreement for the exchange. The Chief placed the key in his mouth and swallowed.
    George slapped Ben on the back, whispered, "Well done; totally screwed them!"
    Ben grimaced. Tom shook his head. Static crackled in the air. George ask for more of the pipe.