Sunday, June 07, 2015

Writing Prompt: Bearly There

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

This week’s prompt is a photo prompt. Write whatever comes to mind, be it a description, a story, or even a poem.

Write something inspired by this photo. 


Skill Tip: If you’re struggling with a writing technique at the moment, try using this prompt to work on that technique. If description is a problem, describe the photo and try to get in all the senses. POV giving you a headache? See the photo through the eyes of different types of characters—a child, an old woman, a young man in love, etc.

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  1. Back when the world was grandma’s couch
    Of comfy sun-kissed plush
    That would dispel our biggest ouch
    While springs sang softly, “Hush”

    Back when the teddy bears weren’t toys
    But pals, when you and I
    Shared tons of troubles, tons of joys
    And one enormous sky

    Back when beginnings had no end
    Before the “why” and “how”
    We used to know the truth, my friend –
    All that we have is now.

    1. Beautiful poem, Sasha. Loved it! :)

  2. Here is my short story using the prompt:

  3. I'll try writing some emotion, given I'm often more plot heavy. :)

    Emma loved her bear, its whiskers and sagging head. It smelled of dust and cinnamon as they cuddled on the warm couch.

    The doctor came in his bright white coat. “It’s going to be hard. You’ll be in white rooms and long halls and have to be pushed around in an iron chair. Do you want to bring your bear?”

    “No,” Emma whispered.

    “Why not?”

    She got up and took his hand.

    “Because I want him here, warm and happy, waiting for me to come back.”

  4. Baby bear collapsed on the couch. His heart was pounding in his chest and his little legs ached. He never imagined on today of all days he would be running in fear for his life.

    "Keep your head down, bear and don't move one inch." Goldilocks whispered fiercely as she slid across the dusty floor to the window, rifle at the ready.

    Baby Bear didn't have the strength to move and so he loped his head to the side. Resting it on the old couch and out of view of the windows and their hunters he closed his eyes.

    The day had started so well. The picnic had been planned with military precision, even Pooh, who was known for living on the messy side of life had made perfect honey and peanut butter finger sandwiches.

    Everything was flowing beautifully, until Pooky and his rather unusual looking companion had arrived. Goldilocks had been employed to run security, checking passes at the gate and the usual festival routine. Something was definitely a little off with Pooky's friend. Sure he looked like a bear, he walked like a bear but he didn't smell like a bear. He kind of smelt like apple pie mixed with something savoury, something she could quite put her finger on it. "If you could put your hands against the wall and spread your legs, I need to pat you down. Picnic policy you understand." She said putting on her most serious face. The bear smiled, a big greedy smile but did as she asked. Reaching his waist Goldilocks noticed a funny bulge just above his bottom, as her hand traced the outline, it moved, swishing first to the left then to the right. Leaping back, she raised her gun and yell at the bear to get down on the ground.

    The bear hit the ground and with that a loud tear appeared in his seam out of which shot a long orange and black striped tail followed by the very strong aroma of Lasagna.

    "Garfield!" Goldilocks yelled ready to give him a right royal roasting, as she scowled at Pooky, "and you should know be..."

    Then all hell broke loose.

    Gun fire sounded to her right, hitting the floor, she quickly assumed a sniper's position as three little pigs wearing t-shirts with "all animals are not equal" emblazed across the front trotted casually into the opening. Waving guns above their heads, the pigs sang in unison, "Today's the day the Pigs have their picnic."

    "Baby … baby are you alright?" Goldilocks whispered out of the corner of her mouth, her eye pressed tightly to the scope as she surveys the army of piglet's marching directly towards them. They'd lost so many in the woods today already, she couldn't bear to lose him too.

    A soft click catches her ear, turning her head slowly her gaze pause over a motionless bear on a sofa and then continues on to a rather large pig in a blue jacket now standing in the doorway. A pistol poised in his left trotter, he raises an eyebrow, cocks his gun before yelling "That's all folks!"