Friday, September 13, 2013

Crits for Water

It's that time again! Crits for Water is a wonderful charity where authors, agents, and editors donate critiques to raffle or auction off to the highest bidder. The money goes to Charity: Water to help bring water, wells, and sanitation to those who need it.

The campaign lasts three months, from September 1 to November 30, 2013. My donation this year is a three-chapter critique, and it opens for bidding on November 14 (I'm remind everyone again when it gets closer). There are also other great things to bid on from some amazing authors and agents, so check out the full schedule:

09 September - Get your romance or women’s fiction queries and synopsis prepped, because Agent Scott Eagan is offering a query and synopsis critique.

10 September – Ready your YA or MG manuscripts, as author Stacey Lee is offering up a 10k + query critique.

16 September – Author of the Darkest London series, Kirsten Callihan, is offering a first three chapter critique to any adult romance, mystery, fantasy or UF manuscript.

26 September - Crazy fab author Susan Dennard, of the Something Strange and Deadly series, is offering a fabulous 10 page + query critique. This can be for a young adult (any genre) or adult fantasy novel.

08 October - Calling all romance manuscripts, bestselling national author Roni Loren is offering a 10 page + query critique.

10 October - Historical romance queries come flock here, as author Ashlyn Macnamara is offering a query critique.

04 November – Agent Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong is offering a 1500 word critique to one super crazy lucky winner. This can be from a young adult, middle grade, women’s fiction, romance, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and some thrillers.

06 November - Author Sherry Thomas is offering a 1500 word critique to either a romance or young adult manuscript.

06 November - Author Michael Martinez is offering a generous 10k + query critique for an adult science fiction and/or fantasy manuscript.

14 November - The ever-helpful Janice Hardy, author of the Healing Wars, is offering a chance to win a first three chapter critique of any YA of adult sci-fi manuscript. (ETA: Actually, I'll crit any genre)

There are a few ways to bid on a critique:

1. Auctions
Auctions are open for 48 hours from time of posting. Winner is the highest bidder within the time limit.

2. Raffle
Donate a particular amount (specified in the post) to the mycharitywater campaign page. Donations must be made within 72 hours from when the blog posts. Winner will be chosen via Anyone who doesn’t win will receive a Kat-Crit.

3. Pledge
Pledge a particular amount (specified in the post) by commenting on the post. Winner will be chosen via, and that person then donates the pledge amount to receive their crit.

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